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Ceramic Crowns and Veneers

We provide a full range of ceramic crowns and bridges which appear much more life-like than conventional crowns. Ceramic Crowns are metal free and have a more natural, translucent appearance. Types of ceramic crowns include both EMax and Lava crowns.

Ceramic crowns are made up of an ’engineered’ glass-like compound. The layers can be built up in a similar way to the layers of the tooth. The technique used to make these crowns can produce results that are amazingly life like and un-matched by any other type of restoration. They are also more bio-compatible as they do not contain metals.

Porcelain Veneers

These are a little bit like a false nail made of porcelain, stuck to the front of the teeth. Normally only placed on anterior teeth, and usually to improve the appearance of the teeth. Often Veneers are provided to cover up a discoloured or mis-shapen tooth. Veneers require less removal of enamel on the teeth than crowning. Veneers are also a quick way to give your teeth a straighter appearance, without the need for lengthy orthodontic treatment with braces, where there is mild overcrowding.

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