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Dental Implants

Implants are rapidly becoming very popular as the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth. Unlike bridges they don’t require removal of tooth tissue from the adjacent teeth. Implants have a titanium rod secured into the jawbone. They are light weight and strong as well as being biocompatible. This means that the bone of the jaw fuses around the implant so that it acts like the root of a tooth. A crown is then attached to this so that it looks and feels life-like.

Implants are uses to replace either one tooth or several missing teeth and the final restoration above the gum level will be with a crown or a bridge.

Implants are also used to provide a solid attachment for a full denture. This is commonly provided for a lower jaw where providing a well fitting stable lower denture alone has been difficult. Lower full dentures are often less successful and can move around a lot when talking and eating. Attaching the denture to 4 implants placed into the lower jaw bone can provide an ideal solution to this problem. The denture can then be removed for cleaning and maintenance and in order to brush the gum around the implants thoroughly.

We will assess your mouth and the health of your gums, and advise if dental implants are suitable for you.

We have a list of highly recommended Dental Implant Specialists who provide dental implants and will refer you to the specialist of your choice. We may provide the final restoration (crown or bridge) within the practice depending on the complexity of your treatment.

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