COVID-19 updates and
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Coronavirus Practice Updates

05/01/2021 – We Are Open!

Following the recent government announcement regarding the country going into lockdown, we want to reassure you that THE DENTAL HEALTH CENTRE WILL REMAIN OPEN. We will continue to provide a safe and Covid-secure environment for all our staff and patients.

26/06/2020 – Rebook Your Appointment

Welcome back – we have missed you!

Please ring the practice 0161 445 5469 to rebook your appointment.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

04/06/2020 – Re-opening The Dental Health Centre

We are writing to let you know that, in accordance with the recent announcement from the BBC, regarding the re-opening of dental practices, we are aiming to re-commence seeing patients from the 9th June. We really appreciate your patience whilst we have had to suspend visits to the practice during this challenging time and we hope that you understand the measures we will need to put into place in order to carry out dentistry safely.

We will be working under clear guidance from the dental governing bodies, following research and evidence-based practices as far as possible, in order to safely provide you with the dental care that you need. Initially we have been advised that we are only able to see those patients with dental emergencies.

We are aware that some of you have had to postpone your check-ups and we hope that we will be allowed to resume ‘routine procedures’ such as this in the near future. We will contact those who are overdue and prioritise them first. We aim to add additional sessions in order to clear the backlog of check-ups once we are allowed to do so.

You may notice some changes at your next appointment, which have been implemented to help protect our patients and staff.

Below, we have answered some questions that you may want to ask, regarding your future visits:

How will we accommodate patients ‘safely’ at the practice, day to day?

We will limit the number of patients being seen, as well as the number of staff working at any one time, but we will aim to work longer days to accommodate our patients. We will put safe distancing measures in place, and we will have to limit the types of treatment we provide until we are able to carry out routine visits.

Will it be safe to come to the practice?

We are taking the required steps to ensure that you and the clinicians and staff are kept as safe as possible throughout your visit.

What will happen before my next visit?

Before your next visit, we will contact you by telephone to triage your medical health including your COVID risks and any vulnerability issues, and assess the length and type of treatment you will need.

Will I be able to talk to the dentist/hygienist before my treatment about my concerns?

The clinicians and the staff will be wearing appropriate PPE during your treatment, which includes a full-face visor, mask, gown/apron and hair protection for certain procedures. This may seem different to previous visits and we may need to minimise the time for discussion whilst in the surgery.

Where appropriate, you may also have a video or telephone consultation from the dentist or hygienist who will be seeing you, prior to your visit. This will provide opportunity to discuss your concerns and any dental issues you have, in order to establish as far as possible what treatment you will require.

After your treatment, the clinician may want to give you a follow up call to discuss further visits for other procedures, and this will give you the opportunity to ask any questions.

How will I pay for my treatment safely?

We are aiming to be as ‘paperless’ as possible and to limit contact at the reception desk.

We will ask you to pay for your planned treatment by telephone before your visit where possible. Any adjustments will be made after your visit, this will either be done safely at the reception before you leave, or over the phone.

What will be different about my next visit?

We will ask you to stay outside the practice, preferably in your car, until we phone to ask you to come inside. You will be asked to leave any personal belongings outside with someone else as far as possible. You will also be asked to use the toilet at home before you arrive. We will take your temperature before you enter and re-check that you do not have any COVID related symptoms.

You will be asked to sanitise your hands thoroughly and then taken to the treatment room.

The clinician will check your teeth to ascertain exactly what they need to do and obtain consent prior to proceeding. For any aerosol generating procedure, you must minimise what you bring with you. You will be asked to leave your coat outside the treatment room and will be given a bag to carry any personal belongings into the room. The bag will be discarded before you leave.

What does the term ‘aerosol-generating procedure’ mean and why is this important?

Any dental procedure that creates droplets or a fine invisible mist of particles in the air is called an aerosol-generating procedure, or AGP. The aerosols produced will carry viruses and other particles into the air. The most common AGP’s are the ultrasonic scaler (this procedure carries the highest risks), drilling a tooth, spraying a tooth with air/water, as well as any procedure that may induce coughing. Once we have performed an AGP, we have to leave the room for a finite period of time before we can re-enter, due to the coronavirus risks.

If I need to have a scale and polish will this be possible?

Once we are able to carry out non-emergency procedures, we will be providing hygiene appointments. We may use the hand scalers to clean your teeth, until we are able to carry out scaling using the ultrasonic scaler, as this procedure carries the highest exposure risk for potential transmission of COVID-19. We may initially have to avoid polishing your teeth, but will provide polish for you to use with your electric tooth brush at home.

Will my visit cost me more?

In order to provide dental treatment safely, so that we protect both our patients and our staff/clinicians, we have had to be equipped with extra PPE which has incurred greater costs. Whilst we want to avoid unnecessary increases in costs, we have costed out for each procedure, exactly what extra costs will be incurred, for such things as surgical gowns/FFP3/FFP2 masks, Visors and other protective wear. We will add this cost onto your treatment and advise you of this, prior to your visit. In the longer term when PPE becomes more readily available and hence cheaper and where we reduce the levels we need to wear, we will reduce this additional fee accordingly. We hope that you will appreciate our reasons for this.

Will I still be able to buy my toothbrushes and TePe’s/floss or special toothpastes from the practice, as before?

We will still be stocking a range of recommended oral hygiene products, as recommended by our hygienists. When you need to purchase any of these products, if you can let us know before your visit, we will take payment over the phone where possible for these, before collecting.

What if I already have an appointment booked in for my next visit?

Some of you will still have appointments booked in for check-ups or with the hygienist. We are hoping that very soon we will be allowed to see you for these ‘routine’ care visits. If we need to postpone these, please wait for us to contact you.

Thank you again for your understanding, further information regarding your future visits will be given to you nearer the time of your next appointment.

Please can we ask you to avoid telephoning the practice where possible during the next few weeks unless you have a dental emergency, if you have any further queries about future visits please can you email them preferably, to thank you.

We very much look forward to seeing you again soon.

Nicola Owen
Principal Dentist
The Dental Health Centre

23/04/2020 – Managing teeth problems at home

Emilie, one of our dentists, has produced some really useful videos on tooth care and cleaning as well as some helpful videos on managing dental problems at home. We hope these are helpful for you during this time of lockdown.

Acid erosion of teeth

Dental flossing demo

A good tooth cleaning regime

Recement a crown or bridge at home

Dealing with a dental abscess

Pain relief for dental pain at home

What causes tooth decay

How to place a temporary filling at home if you have a hole in your tooth

23/04/2020 – Re-booking your cancelled appointment

We will be contacting you to re book your appointment. If your appointment has been cancelled please be assured that we will be in touch with you to rebook. All patients cancelled during the COVID-19 shutdown will be prioritised. We will be opening extra sessions to accommodate you.

23/04/2020 – April Newsletter

Click the link below to download our April 2020 newsletter:

Download Newsletter (pdf)

19/03/2020 – Practice COVID-19 Update

In line with the government and health authority guidelines, for the foreseeable future we will only be seeing emergency patients at the practice in light of the need to avoid social contact where possible to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

If you need to contact the practice because you have a dental emergency or for any other reason, please do so by telephone 0161 4455459 or email

We appreciate that some of you will be on payment plans and we recognise that some of you may have your routine examinations and clean appointments delayed for a few weeks. We are looking at how we can accommodate this for you going forward but we would like to advise those patients on plans that you are also covered for any emergency treatment which would otherwise cost you £70 for a visit plus treatment on top, if you needed to be seen outside of your plan. Anybody wishing to speak to us about this further is welcome to telephone and speak to the Practice Managers: Sue or Alison or to one of the receptionists, thank you.

We hope that this situation will resolve very quickly and we appreciate that for some, it will be a very stressful time. We do hope that it will only be for a short time and we look forward to seeing you all very soon and continuing as normal and we hope that you will all stay well.

For any further information regarding COVID-19 please refer to

Nicola Owen
Principal Dentist

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