Broken teeth

Our teeth are very strong but despite this, the stresses and strains of our everyday life can still cause them to chip, crack or break.

Common cause of these breaks can include:

  • Chewing on hard foods
  • Facial trauma following an accident
  • Damage from a sports injury
  • Untreated cavities causing the tooth to become brittle and break
  • Old, large amalgam fillings, where the remaining structure of the natural tooth can become brittle

Broken teeth can cause varying degrees of pain, from extremely painful, to discomfort triggered by hot or cold foods or drink, even to no signs of immediate pain. However, in order to prevent further damage or infection which could result in the loss of the tooth, it’s important to book an appointment with your The Dental Health Centre dentist as soon as possible.

Treatment of a broken or chipped tooth will depend on how severely it is damaged. For small breaks or chips it may be possible to repair in a single visit with a simple filling or bonding. For more severe breaks, multiple visits may be required to repair the break with multiple treatments.

Treatment for fractures and broken teeth

Teeth with minor chips on the edges usually don’t cause any pain or problems, but your The Dental Health Centre dentist will most likely repair a chip by smoothing the edge and inserting a tooth-coloured filling to prevent it from cutting your lips or tongue.

Heavily fractured and seriously broken teeth may need more complex treatment. For instance, a large cavity that causes a major fracture or break, causing pain and infection, may need root canal treatment. Cracks and breaks may expose your nerve endings, making the teeth sensitive to hot and cold air and foods.

Root canal treatment isn’t always necessary if your teeth are chipped or broken, though. Where there’s no pain or infection, cracks are filled and bound together with a specialised tooth cement, while a broken tooth will be fixed with a crown. Crowns are also used as part of the treatment for other types of splits and breaks, such as broken cusps, split roots/vertical breaks, split molars, and as a buttress against further cracks. If your tooth has decayed from the inside-out and is now broken, your The Dental Health Centre dentist may recommend that your tooth is removed.

Sometimes, if you have a cracked or broken tooth, it may not be noticeable because it doesn’t hurt. But no matter how minor these problems are, they should still be investigated by your dentist, as infections can arise if the problem isn’t treated with antibiotics. The best course of action is, as always, a good oral hygiene regime and regular reviews with the dentist.

What to do if you break your tooth

If you’ve fractured or broken a tooth, follow these steps immediately before booking an appointment with The Dental Health Centre.

  • Rinse your mouth out with warm water
  • Apply pressure on any bleeding areas using gauze or a wet teabag
  • Apply an icepack to your cheek if there’s any swelling
  • If you have access to it, cover any major cracks with temporary dental cement
  • If it’s painful, use an over the counter pain reliever such as paracetamol
  • Cover any broken teeth with milk, saliva or saline solution

As with any teeth problems, if you have fractured or chipped a tooth it's important to book an appointment at The Dental Health Centre to see a dentist as soon as possible, rather than waiting for routine dental health review. We will discuss the best method of repairing the break with you.

At The Dental Health Centre in Manchester we use resin composite fillings to match the colour of your teeth and ensure a long-lasting and natural-looking result. We also offer porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays as successful options for repairing cracked, broken, decayed or heavily filled teeth. They are hardwearing and can be colour-matched perfectly to your own teeth.

If you would like to discuss concerns with any broken or chipped teeth give us a call on 0161 445 5459.

Patient Reviews

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The biggest complement we receive is when our patients refer their friends and family to The Dental Health Centre. In fact, we have built much of our practice on these valued, trusted recommendations over the years. Read our reviews to hear why our patients are recommending us…

Patient reviews

786 Reviews


6th July 2024

Professionalism and engagement

5th July 2024

As always an excellent experience of torture with Aleena but I always come back for more.To be clear I am very happy with everyone at the Dental Practice.I must do my homework with Tee Pees

3rd July 2024

Great service

2nd July 2024

The courtesy and friendliness of all the staff. The dental hygienist was extremely thorough and the dentist explains clearly everything about my teeth, gums, tongue and jaw after his inspection.

2nd July 2024

The customer service at the Dental Health Centre is second to none. Your staff are welcoming, kind, compassionate, accommodating, thoughtful, helpful and polite. They go above and beyond to make people feel comfortable during their visit and are a tribute to the business.


Glenys Baldry

Dr Asim Ahmed and his assistant worked so hard and were so focused on ensuring they got a perfect result. A truly dedicated team. I am so delighted with my new smile. Outstanding work.

30th June 2024

I am so pleased with the result of the work the dental staff carried out to remodel my teeth. They look perfect. The team paid such attention to detail as well as constantly communicating and explaining things to me throughout. My experience was made to be as comfortable as possible. 5 star result and treatment that is well deserved

29th June 2024

Having attended this practice over a good number of years I feel extremely comfortable and most definitely respected. Moving from the previous practice owner to a national dental group has proved to be seamless . The staff have remained, a strong positive, and my previously supportive experience has continued uninterrupted during the transition. I’ve noticed tiny changes gently introduced

25th June 2024

Dental treatment was always my discomfort zone, but since I met with Tom Sephton and I can't trust any dentist than Tom, he is efficient, competent and trustworthy professional. Moreover, the staff at the reception were amazing, honestly five starts treatment and care.

24th June 2024

I have confidence in the knowledge and skill of my dentist which is very important to me. The dental nurse is kind and aware of my needs and Aseem is meticulous and thorough and great at explaining treatment options. Thank you.

22nd June 2024

The staff always have a friendly smile they are kind, considerate and will do whatever they can to make your visit pleasant especially for nervous patients like me

22nd June 2024

Timely response to urgent trestment need. Good solutionmoffered at appointment to what could have been a tricky problem.

20th June 2024

The staff are so friendly and competent

19th June 2024

Very attentive clinicians and staff .I have full confidence in their dental skills and likewise full trust in their recommendations and treatment.

19th June 2024

Everyone was helpful and considerate.

18th June 2024

A excellent experience. Aleena is professional but friendly. Explains treatment options clearly.

13th June 2024

Identified issue efficiently and treated appropriately

12th June 2024

The staff is friendly and professional. Stellar makes me comfortable and not panic. So I have very good treatment experience.

12th June 2024

The care and attention from everyone at the practice is amazing. I am quite a nervous patient and the understanding and patience during the treatment really helps to put me at ease

12th June 2024

All The staff are very caring

11th June 2024

I have been a patient at the surgery for 34 years and in all that time I have always had excellent treatment with lots of different dentists. All the staff at the surgery now are friendly professional and very caring.

6th June 2024

From the moment you walk through the door , you feel cared for . Like a family ! The best staff

6th June 2024

Asim and the dental nurse and very understanding and patient with me as they know I am a very nervous patient. Asim explains everything and is very gentle.

6th June 2024

I always feel confident that every member of staff is genuinely prepared to do what ever is needed to put me at my ease, as attending a dental surgery is no small matter for me.

6th June 2024

Sure, here's a more personable version:---I would highly recommend The Dental Health Centre Didsbury to anyone. From the moment you walk in, the receptionists make you feel at home with their kindness and helpfulness. The place is always spotless, which makes me feel comfortable and confident in their care. Everyone there is so friendly, creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere. My dentist is fantastic—knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to help with any concerns. It's this combination of professionalism and genuine care that makes my experience there so great.

5th June 2024

Very efficient careWell listened toEasy to ask questions

5th June 2024

I’m not great worth the dentist - in fact I get anxiety at even thinking about it - I had toothache and had to make an emergency appointment and everyone was fantastic , supportive and understanding

4th June 2024

Friendly and understanding staff…always with a smile.

31st May 2024

The staff are superb both in reception and the Dental Nurse. The dentist is one of the best I've ever dealt with, all told a brilliant service from a brilliant Practice and excellently managed.

31st May 2024

The staff are excellent, the facilities are good.

30th May 2024

Great professional friendly service. Clear evidence of aspiring to and achieving excellence.

29th May 2024

The dentist was fabulous very clear about options amazingly reassuring and an amazingly skilled professional

29th May 2024

Lovely team and expert clinicians

25th May 2024

Time for patients, very likeable staff.

25th May 2024

Pleasant, knowledgeable and Patient centred staff.

24th May 2024

Very professional

24th May 2024

Everything is good - all the staff are courteous and friendly. The atmosphere is welcoming and very relaxed. It is a pleasure to have to go there. Dominic and Carol are a star team. The conversations are interesting and fun even though it is difficult for me, the patient, to participate fully.

23rd May 2024

The care that you are given from the ladies on the reception and the hygienist make you feel that you and your needs really matter to the practice.

22nd May 2024

Everyone at the surgery most professional and made the experience most ageeable

22nd May 2024

Local, friendly and affordable

21st May 2024

Professional, friendly and high quality service by all staff.

20th May 2024

I lost a filling at about 12.45 while eating lunch. I rang the practice and was given an appointment for 2.30 that afternoon, available because of a cancelation. The dentist was able to replace the filling there and then. Extremely good service (and a bit of luck).

20th May 2024

Trust and experience

18th May 2024

Always a good experience

17th May 2024

The dentist that I see visit listens to me, the check up is very thorough and he takes the time to explain everything at the end and gives me the opportunity to ask any questions. He is very patient and I would highly recommend him

17th May 2024

All the staff are fantastic, everyone is so helpful. Everything is clearly explained. The appointment also started exactly on time!

16th May 2024

Friendly and professional

16th May 2024

Very sympathetic clinicians. Explained the various steps being taken. The hygenist told me what was happening.

15th May 2024

Professional and friendly staff

12th May 2024

Everyone very polite and professional

9th May 2024

Skilled people who always make you feel very welcome It makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience!

4th May 2024

The Dental Health Centre keep their patients at the heart of their practice, expertise and knowledge. In my opinion you would be hard pushed to find a better team to support your dental health.

1st May 2024

I would highly recommend The Dental Health Centre Didsbury due to its professionalism, high standard of care, friendliness and compassion. Overall the centre as been providing a fantastic service to me over the past 16 years.

27th April 2024

The staff are all so helpful and well informed.

25th April 2024

Great staff put you at ease from the minute of walking in.

25th April 2024

The dental hygienist Aleena is excellent and I also have a 6 monthly check up and hygiene appointment

24th April 2024

Friendly, caring and patient team

24th April 2024

All staff are very friendly and efficient, the dentist was very thorough and professional

24th April 2024

I saw the hygienist, Aleena, she is excellent. Very professional, friendly and explains what is needed.

23rd April 2024

Every single member of staff is so kind, caring, professional and above all, cheerful! It is a joy to come to my appointments - something I would never have dreamed of saying about a trip to the dentist before I joined here.

22nd April 2024

Quality of work.

21st April 2024


20th April 2024

Friendly staff especially on reception, never easy to visit dentist ( for me) but they make me feel more confident

20th April 2024

Dr Peat and his assistant have a clever, effective and amusing way of keeping the patient's mind off the discomfort of the treatment (as I see it!). They have a humorous, sometimes philosophical, and always attention grabbing, on-going, conversation. I wish I could record it. And I wish I could join in often ... but of course have to sit there maintaining the unattractive view of where my tonsils once were!

19th April 2024

I have been a patient there for over 30 years staff over years have been friendly professional and continue to be so.

19th April 2024

Very friendly experience with everyone making me feel safe and valued

18th April 2024

I was treated with respect. The dentist explained e erything he was doing.

17th April 2024

my dentist, Dr P is exceptional. He has looked after me for more than 30years, he is so reassuring. i always feel that i am in great hands each time

15th April 2024

Dominic Pett is a brilliant dentist.

13th April 2024

Very pleasant staff, both dentist and reception

8th April 2024

My daughter and I have been patients at The Dental Health Centre for nearly 20 years! All the staff are amazing and kind.

7th April 2024

Experience and knowledge of the clinicians who fully explained all proposed procedures and any options within the treatments. All my questions were answered professionally in understandable terms.The reception staff are pleasant and made me feel welcome.

6th April 2024

Very professional & efficient

5th April 2024

The treatments have largely been successful and have lasted well. I never feel pressurised into having any particular treatment and what is offered is well explained.

5th April 2024

Excellent reception staff. Hygienist very responsive and dentist willing to listen and respond to my experiences

4th April 2024

Staff are lovely and it’s always a smooth process

4th April 2024

The clinic is fantastic, I can't prase them enough. The medical and the admin staff are fantastic, and the receptionists in particular are amazing and always go out of their way to help.

28th March 2024

I am always made to feel important as a patient when I come for appointments. I have confidence in my dentist and trust his advice and his professional judgments. All staff in the practice are approachable and professional

25th March 2024

All staff from receptionists to the dentists are friendly, kind and welcoming. Always receive first class services.

25th March 2024

The Dental Health Centre should be proud of the professional, passionate and dedicated care it provides its patients and I for one feel very fortunate to be at the receiving end of the treatment it provides. Thank you so much for empowering me to be informed and proactive in my dental health.

25th March 2024

Friendly efficient service, person centered, great advice that supports my oral and overall health needs. I have been dental phobic in the past but this faded at this practice by giving me lots of reassurance and support and not making me feel silly ever!

25th March 2024

The dental care from all the practitioners and the reception staff is always good. They are unfailingly helpful in finding us appointments and the dentists and hygienists are top rate. I would have no hesitation in recommending this practice and over the years have had excellent treatment from root canal to a programme of gum protection care.

23rd March 2024

Always a pleasant experience

22nd March 2024

The care and attention my elderly father received from the staff caring for him.

22nd March 2024

Thorough explanation of treatment proposed and options. Excellent anaesthetic- no discomfort. Procedure completed as planned without any problems. All staff welcoming and helpful

22nd March 2024

Hygienist was lovely with my sun who was quite scared about his treatment.

16th March 2024

Excellent clinical staff

16th March 2024

I have been a patient for many years...super reception staff, always so helpful and super Stella hygienist.

13th March 2024

From the receptionist to the Dentist the staff are perfect . Very good customer service, knowledgeable and understanding.

12th March 2024

I like my dentist Tom Sephton. He makes me feel comfortable and I trust him. I met Stella for the 1st time and was happy with her treatment.

12th March 2024

Felt at ease with the procedure, all staff were very professional,

10th March 2024

From the reception staff greeting you with a smile, which is always good for business, considering the business that you’re in. I cannot do enough to help you.With regards to the clinician and the hygienist that I see, Stella always has time for me always puts me at my ease. She is kind caring sympathetic of my nervousness, even though I have been coming for several years. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her.

9th March 2024

Friendly, highly professional, efficient and effective service and treatment.

8th March 2024

All the staff are very pleasant and professional.

7th March 2024

After a very unpleasant experience with another dental practice which resulted in anxiety and lack of confidence I can now say that the level of kindness and care I have received has been restored and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this practice.

7th March 2024


7th March 2024

I find that I am treated with patience and courtesy and my needs are taken into consideration. I am kept updated about my appointments and can usually find a time that suits my needs.

6th March 2024

I was really worried about the planned treatment, but both the dentist and nurse were extremely kind and patient . Very grateful.

6th March 2024

Very efficient treatment Friendly staff

6th March 2024

Low waiting, considerate compassionate staff. Clean. Explained the procedure carefully and reassuringly

6th March 2024

Good service, qualified, competent and friendly staff who offer a great service.

6th March 2024

See abswers above

6th March 2024

I am rather nervous about treatment but felt safe

5th March 2024

Greatly appreciate the care and concern of all at the Dental HC and the detailed explanations received by the dentist who talks you through the options available

29th February 2024

Professional personable staff. I am always made to feel welcome and valued.

28th February 2024

I've been a patient here, on and off, since the centre opened. The only reason I tried other dentists was because they were close to my workplace, 20 miles away. None of them were up to the right standard, so I always came back to you.

28th February 2024

Very high level of care, as expected, from Asim and Mellisa. Brilliant , superb team, who really do listen to you

22nd February 2024

Dentists and hygienists are highly qualified and friendly. Reception staff are also friendly and helpful. I felt well cared for. I’ve always had a good experience at this clinic. Espically when compared to other dental clinics I’ve been to in the past.

21st February 2024

Very friendly efficient Reception staff/ professional dentists and dental assistants: ease of booking appointments.

21st February 2024

Gentle,thorough,reassuring dentist.....pondered my problems....felt reassured...clear picture of my problems.I am a nervous patient....

21st February 2024

Highly trained and professional staff

20th February 2024

Excellent service very friendly practice staff and they always make you feel at ease thoroughly satisfied with all aspects of the service

16th February 2024

Staff are always friendly and explain treatment options and procedures in a clear manner.

16th February 2024

Excellent care and attention from the dentist with thorough explanations

15th February 2024

Prompt appointment. Excellent friendly reception and great treatment

11th February 2024

Everyone friendly and professional

10th February 2024

The entire team is delightful and team members work well together to make patients' experiences positive. In addition to the professionalism and good nature of Dominic and Carol, Nicky and Rachel went the extra mile - even exceeding their own high standards for patient-focused care. It's almost worth having dental problems for this positive experience!

10th February 2024

Friendly staff. Clean environment. Knowledgeable staff. Good reminders before the appointment. Helpful and friendly reception staff. Easy to change appointments if needed.

10th February 2024

I was in absolute agony. The clinician was very kind and the dental nurse. The reception staff were very particularly kind after my appt when I wasn’t feeling well. Reception rang me 2days later to check how I was.


Julie Cook

Dr Asim Ahmed is a most pleasant, friendly, calm and courteous professional. Consultations are never rushed. I am extremely happy with my dental treatment. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

8th February 2024

Punctuality, friendliness and professionalism.

7th February 2024

All the staff are very helpful and polite

6th February 2024

Staff are professional, respectful, caring and skilled

5th February 2024

Very professional and always helpful and friendly

4th February 2024

Attention to detail professional yet friendly

4th February 2024

Having Mr P as my dentist. He puts me at ease And I find the clinic bright and clean. Staff helpful .

3rd February 2024

Very caring team . Pleasant friendly staff

3rd February 2024

Easy to get appts. Very accommodating and caring staff. Always looking to improve treatments. Puts you at ease if you don't like going to the dentist.

3rd February 2024

Professionalism. Trust.

31st January 2024

My dentist explains everything he is going to do, makes sure I am happy and then is extremely gentle. I have always been happy with all the dentists I have seen at Didsbury, I had painful treatment as a child so consequently I always feel apprehensive when I attend but I have never experienced any pain here and would not go anywhere else.

29th January 2024

Always get a good service when I visit. Dentist has a good understanding of my teeth and appointments are always available to suit myself.

28th January 2024

Very efficient and friendly welcoming team

27th January 2024

Overall customer care from all the team .Sunil & Kim are a great team who provide the best care for their patients

27th January 2024

from start to finish a friendly and professional service!

26th January 2024

All personnel very attentive and kind

26th January 2024

The clinician was a really nice guy who took the trouble to explain things properly and who was patient and kind inches demeanour. This never fails to install confidence, and this is incredibly important in dentistry, so the practice has chosen well in its choice of clinicians.

26th January 2024

I have been a patient for many years and have always been satisfied

26th January 2024

I joined The Dental Health Centre after an experience that left me absolutely petrified of going to the dentist. Since becoming a member, I actually enjoy (!) my visits! Every single person who works there is wonderful, and genuinely caring. My teeth have never been better, and I would recommend the practice to anyone considering joining.

26th January 2024

Great engagement from Asim the Dentist who clearly explained what he was doing, what he did and options for further treatments

24th January 2024

Efficient and courteous staff, caring and friendly clinical team

22nd January 2024

Friendly, efficient reception staff. Highly professional and friendly clinician and nurse. Everything explained clearly. Excellent treatment.

19th January 2024

Excellent clinician and reception staff service

13th January 2024

Highly professional and friendly staff.

12th January 2024

The friendliness of the receptionist and my clinician was very experienced and made me feel at ease and explained everything very thoroughly to me too.

12th January 2024

Good standards

11th January 2024

Staff are amazing , customer service is 5*

11th January 2024

Polite friendly staff

10th January 2024

I have been going to the same Practice since 2008.I know most of the staff and feel comfortable that they know my requirements.

10th January 2024

Very professional treatment centre from checking in to leaving you are cared for. Excellent dental work , made to feel comfortable from the beginning, gentle care, no rushing so feel relaxed and comfortable

9th January 2024

Dominic Pett was polite, friendly, knowledgeable, gave my dental checkup and clean well

6th January 2024

Dr Panchmatia is a fantastic caring dentist and was. Wry kind to my mum as well

5th January 2024

Reception team very helpful. Hygienist professional and friendly. Dentist professional.

4th January 2024

Everyone is helpful and efficient.I feel comfortable at the dental Center

4th January 2024

I feel at easy at this dental practice mainly because everyone is so kind and friendly it puts you at complete ease

24th December 2023

The dentist was very skilled at improving the appearance of a front tooth. He was very carefull so I felt no pain and I was extremely pleased with the end result.

23rd December 2023

I've been going to Dominic Pett (& assisted by dental nurse Carol) Pett for about 10 years. He's excellent - thorough - explains all options, very personable, friendly, reassuring & Carol the same.

23rd December 2023

Excellent as always

22nd December 2023

Feeling as if you are important and valued. Treating with respect. Time taken to explain stuff

22nd December 2023

Everyone in reception are very friendly and helpful. The dental nurses are very kind. The dentist himself is very professional whilst being very caring also. There is never a problem getting an appointment.

21st December 2023

Professional, friendly, cautious and welcoming

20th December 2023

Asim is an excellent dentist, Stella is excellent as explaining the cleaning process. Both are extremely friendly and put you at ease. Everyone there really care!

19th December 2023

I have been going to the practice for many years and always receive first rate treatment. It's a bit out of my way now (I used to work in Didsbury) but I am very happy with the practice and would not change. All the staff are lovely - the dentists - have received great care from Nicola, Sunil and now Tom - the hygienist Stella and another lady whose name I don't recall but she was also lovely - and the reception team who deserve a medal for their incredible diary gymnastics, patience and warmth.It's becoming expensive but that's a general comment about dentistry and not about DHCD in particular but you have to remember you are being cared for to the highest level by people at the top of their profession so you get what you pay for. Thank you.

18th December 2023

I feel comfortable with my dentist and hygienist.

16th December 2023

I have been a patient from the opening of the Practice well over 30 years ago.Family attend as well. Staff are friendly and helpful all dentist new and old are professional and friendly.

15th December 2023

All the staff , reception, nurses , hygienist, dentists are patient focused, professional and understanding.

15th December 2023

Besides the regular check-up, whenever I have a problem or concern, TDHC were always able to help solve it quickly and efficiently. The difference is not in the planned, but in the I chipped a tooth and I'm going away tomorrow, can you fix it today situations.

14th December 2023

Asim is a great dentist, personable, explains things well. Gentle & makes the experience as pain free as possible.

14th December 2023

Friendly, efficient and professional clinician and dental nurse. Procedure explained and questions answered clearly. Very high standard of dental care. friendly and efficient reception staff. An all round high standard of service.

13th December 2023

professional and friendly. Feels like patients come first

13th December 2023

The care and willingness of staff to help. I am an incredibly nervous patient. The staff put me at ease were calm, friendly. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

12th December 2023

Experienced professional team


Jonny Lord

Long term patient. These guys are exceptional.

11th December 2023

I have been with the practice since Nichola was more inolved and her care and attention to detail has been carried on by the existing team. Excellent service delivered by people. Rare these days.

10th December 2023

Dr Dominic Pett is kind, knowledgeable and very talented, even with challenging restorations and nervous patients - I am very grateful for his work

9th December 2023

Great staff . Very professional overall . Parking is convenient with free parking available. . Excellent treatment & I would recommend the Dental Practice to my friends & family for total dental care

9th December 2023

All staff very professional and friendly. Expert knowledge and advice for the future care of my teeth

7th December 2023

Always good personal patient centred care. Friendly professional service.

6th December 2023

practice is highly professional

6th December 2023

All the staff are caring and are very professional.

6th December 2023

Very pleasant staff

6th December 2023

Always such a friendly welcome and very happy with how my Invisalign treatment has progressed, as well as the professionalism at all my appointments.

6th December 2023

Pain free!!

2nd December 2023

Everyone from reception staff through to hygienist and dental nurse were, as they slways are, pleasant, professional and caring.

1st December 2023

Reception staff very friendly, and very helpful whenever anyone in our family phones about a problem- they do their utmost to accomodate our needs.Dental nurses are very friendly, caring and cheerful depite being very busyDominic is very professional and explains every step of treatment. All treatment has been of a very high standard-I know that I can rely on his work

1st December 2023

The whole service runs smoothly. reception are friendly, helpful well informed and efficient. The hygienist was thorough, and explained what she was doing and why. The dentist is remarkable. I have problems, and he monitors them continuously, explaining fully the problem, the options, and what he recommends. I'm very impressed. Altogether, a great service.

1st December 2023

Always had excellent treatment/service. Been a patient for about 25 years.

30th November 2023

Lovely staff

30th November 2023

All the staff are delightful, cheerful and welcoming. Tom and his team are super-polite, explain everything fully and carry out impressive dentistry.

30th November 2023

I have sensitive gums and usually find dentist appointments uncomfortable, so am always nervous! From day one, I’ve felt comfortable here and the advice given helped me to feel more confident.

29th November 2023

Lovely reception team. Asim professional, informative and put me at ease.

28th November 2023

Very good dentist made me confident in his treatment and advice


Matt T

Incredibly supportive, high quality work and a lovely team. Highly recommended!

24th November 2023

Attention to detail. Manner and service from the dentist Asim

24th November 2023

Great service and professional as always by all.

23rd November 2023

From reception to dental surgery all the staff are really helpful and professional. Quality of care and service is outstanding. Strongly recommend this practice.

22nd November 2023

I am highly satisfied with the service at the dental health centre. Everything was well scheduled. The staff was professional and polite. Very happy.

20th November 2023

Good customer service, personal and professional

19th November 2023

Very professional practice so you feel you are being well looked after. Everything is explained very clearly and checks made that you understand and are okay during treatment.

16th November 2023

Friendly staff. Good service. Like the online check in and updating medical details online as well.

15th November 2023


15th November 2023

Always feel comfortable and I trust the team to give me the best treatment

15th November 2023

I have been a patient at the dental health centre for many years, I have always been informed, listened to and been given high levels of care. This time was no different. As a team they work well and everyone involved checked on me to make sure I was informed of what I needed to do and took the time to help me with my teeth. Receptionists were very welcoming and treatment was perfect. Thank you.


Mike Bach

As my dentist, Asim is friendly, professional and helpful in a most welcomed honest approach to his dentistry. I would recommend him to anyone

14th November 2023

I really recommend my dentist Asim for his end to end approach - professional and helpful and most of all honest in his approach to the workHis execution is also the best I have had - very smooth and does not cause too much in the way of anything that relates to discomfort when you have equipment in your mouth.The Centre itself is very friendly at reception as well and the place is a nice environment to wait in

9th November 2023

Very kind and reassuring staff.

8th November 2023

I really value the professionalism and friendliness of all the team

8th November 2023

The dentist listened and responded to my concerns.I felt I was treated courteously, kindly and with respect. His professionality and knowledge minimised any discomfort I felt so my anticipation of the extraction was worse than the actuality. Any discomfort or pain after the procedure has been minimal too.

7th November 2023

I love going to the dentist (not a joke!), but this is a whole new level. The receptionists take all the anxiety out of phone calls. Everything about treatments is explained, and all costs are delineated clearly. All clinical staff also take your preferences and concomitant medical factors seriously, which is incredibly powerful for building trust and making the patient/provider relationship a fruitful one

7th November 2023

My dentist really cares about my teeth and my dental and oral health. I also trust his recommendations and trust him to do a very good job. He has never failed!

5th November 2023

Professionalism; knowledgeable; attentive to my needs.

4th November 2023

The reception staff treat everyone as friends. Stella was pleasant and professional

3rd November 2023

Absolutely superb reception staff: friendly, professional and personable. Clinician was very professional, appropriately informative, friendly and caring. A great experience throughout. Well done team!

2nd November 2023

The staff were warm and professional and the treatment was explained clearly and administered effectively.

1st November 2023

The staff are professional and kind.Everything is explained at all times

31st October 2023

All the Dental Health Centre staff are polite and helpful.The dental team I have are very professional and competent in their spheres of practice.I have every confidence in the way they look after my dental health.

31st October 2023

superb,gifted staff


Sandra Goman

Fantastic dental practice! Would recommend it to anyone. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and professional.


Scott Wood

I had my a hygiene appointment with Aleena who was very thorough and was very welcoming and nice. Also her assistant was kind and helpful.

29th October 2023

I've been a patient here for many years and always have an excellent experience overall.

27th October 2023

Always professional and caring and everyone is helpful and friendly which puts you at ease.

27th October 2023

The practice is local and focuses on preventative care

27th October 2023

Friendly, professional, efficient and highly skilful treatment. Very informative about te treatment. Friendly and helpful reception staff.

26th October 2023

Both the dentist and hygienist are very good, they explain what they are doing and point out any issues I have then give appropriate advice. The reception staff are always very friendly and professional.

25th October 2023

It’s just a great dental practice . Brilliant experience from start to finish. All the receptionists are lovely , knowledgeable and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble . Asim and Dominic are highly experienced and caring dentists. I’ve been going over twenty years and have always been very satisfied

24th October 2023

Competent and friendly staff.

22nd October 2023

Excellent treatment

20th October 2023

I’m never disappointed with the level of treatment. I’ve been a patient for 20 years and would go anywhere else. The practice is professional, clean and knowledgeable

20th October 2023

The staff are amazing, very friendly and kind. Talked me through everything and explained what was needed to be done. Highly recommended

20th October 2023

attention to detail, personal and always recommending areas to improve oral hygiene. Explaining clearly regarding my teeth/gums

20th October 2023

Because I have always received reliable and professional service.

19th October 2023

I have been a patient for over 30 years and all staff new and old have Been helpful professional and friendly at all times.

18th October 2023

I feel at ease coming to this practice as I know I will be treated well and with a friendly atmosphere with everyone.

17th October 2023

Efficient friendly staff and a clinician that really looks after your teeth

17th October 2023

Dr Sephton was extremely professional and caring when looking after my teeth. His calm manner with me as a patient was great and put me at ease. He is a great asset to the clinic!

15th October 2023

All members of the team, reception, hygienist and dentist, were really helpful and kind. there was a nice atmosphere, and I have always felt expertly looked after.

14th October 2023

I was nervous coming to the dentist as I hadn’t been in many years. Dentist put me totally at ease annd explained everything that was happening during the appointment.All other staff I’ve met are really friendly

14th October 2023

High level of courtesy and consideration. Good explanations and time given

14th October 2023

Very professional friendly service from all staff.Absolutely first class from all I have come into contact with.

13th October 2023

I've been with the Dental Health Centre for a number of years now. I do experience anxiety in relation to any medical appointment or procedure. Any time I've had to undergo treatment, large or small, I've been put at ease from the minute I walk through the door. Everyone who works there is highly professional and they create a relaxinging environment which means my anxiety is more or less non existent when attending the practice. I really appreciate this and regularly reccommend the Dental Health Centre Didsbury to any friends or colleagues in need of a dentist.

12th October 2023

Friendly and Professional

12th October 2023

Friendly professional staff. The dentist & hygienist have an approachable manner and my treatment is explained well

10th October 2023

Lovely staff who I trust entirely

7th October 2023

Highly professional at all time. The quality of care is consistently good at the practice.

7th October 2023

I have been with them for about 25 years and they have always been kind and supportive, respecting my fears of dental treatment.

7th October 2023

Woke up with toothache. Phoned at 9 when the surgery opened. Was seen later that afternoon by a thorough and skilled clinician. Pain free from the moment I left the surgery.


Alex Miller

An excellent service all round

6th October 2023

All the different dentists are great at the practice and particularly good and gentle. All is carefully explained regarding treatment and the hygienists have transformed our gums and oral health for the better over a couple of years. The receptionists play their part too and try their very best to fit us in when we've needed emergency treatment or booked in with tricky dates.

3rd October 2023

Reception are always friendly, welcoming and helpful. The clinical staff I have seen are very engaging and not pushy about treatments but balanced in their advice. They appear to be very competent as well.

1st October 2023

The Hygienist had great customer care, extremely knowledgeable, offer good easy to understand advice, friendly and professional. They reception staff are ALWAYS friendly and very very helpful -they make you feel welcomed as soon as you walk through the door.

30th September 2023

excellent staff

29th September 2023

Both my hygienist and dentist are professional and thorough. I required no further treatment at this check up but the dentist explained how some teeth were being monitored. The hygienist used a new machine on me which she explained to me first and gave me the option to try or not. I am completely satisfied with my treatment and have recommended the practice to friends.

26th September 2023

They are so friendly, kind and patient especially as I am a nervous patient. They are also come across as an integrated team who work well collaboratively together and they have mutual respect for each other.

21st September 2023

Friendly and efficient reception staff snd skilled and thorough hygienist and dentists

20th September 2023

The staff are incredible. I was a v nervous patient initially but thanks to their patience and care I have overcome much of my fear

20th September 2023

The quality, experience and confidence I have in the dentist. It’s about trust and that I believe the dentist has my interest at heart during the visit.

18th September 2023

Nice people

17th September 2023

The friendliness of everyone eases any anxiety that I have about going to the dentist

16th September 2023

The welcome of the reception team and the compassion and understanding of the dental care.

15th September 2023

Excellent team. Treated as an individual.

14th September 2023

Staff are knowledgable, respectful, professional and also very polite.

13th September 2023

Been a regular patient at the centre for over 10 years. All the admin staff, dentist and hygienists are aware of my fear of attending and I am always treated with empathy and understanding by all. I am made to feel at ease from when I arrive until when I leave and before and during any procedure it is explained thoroughly by the dentist or hygienist. I would not go anywhere else for treatment.

12th September 2023

Mr D Pett is an excellent dentist and all the support staff are friendly and efficient

12th September 2023

i pay a monthly amount but its well worth it.

11th September 2023

Courteous, professional and friendly service as always!

9th September 2023

Friendly staff

8th September 2023

Everyone is welcoming, helpful and polite. The general atmosphere is good. The staff seem happy. The hygienist and dentists are patient and kind if I feel anxious.

6th September 2023

All the staff are very friendlyThe staff that attend to my teeth are very good .

5th September 2023

All the staff do their best with success.



I couldn’t praise the Didsbury Dental Health Centre high enough. From reception to dental surgery everyone is lovely, helpful, professional, informative about dental progress. State of the art surgical equipment. A high level of expertise and care adjusted to the patients. A 5 star dental surgery in the heart of Didsbury.

30th August 2023

Always profession

25th August 2023

I am a patient with a phobia and I find the staff very patient with me.

25th August 2023

Very clear communication at all times.Staff demonstrated focus on my needs and issues. Very friendly staff.

25th August 2023

The overall experience.

23rd August 2023

My two daughters were booked with Tom for check-ups. Tom’s calm and gentle nature put them both at ease making the appointment easy and informative. His nurse was lovely and helpful too as were reception staff on arrival and checking out. I would highly recommend The Dental Health Centre Didsbury!


Richard Dingle

Before visiting The Dental Health Centre in early 2021, aged 33, I could count on both hands the number of times I’d been to the dentist in my life. I’d read that the team specialised in nervous patients and I’m so glad I took the plunge. Everyone that I’ve had contact with, from the reception team, to the nurses, hygienist and of course Dr Asim have been so friendly and patient, helping me to overcome my fears. I always felt comfortable asking questions, was able to make informed decisions on my treatment and never felt like I was being ‘hard-sold’. Fast forward two years, I now have straighter, whiter and healthier teeth, and actually quite enjoy going to the dentist. I used to hate smiling and have had to learn to smile with my teeth on show rather than keeping my mouth closed. Thank you Dr Asim and the wonderful team, you have genuinely helped change my life!

20th August 2023

Very professional and helpful staff.Friendly and personal.


Tiger Berrie

Friendly and professional staff. The dentist actually pays attention to detail and wants to take care of teeth and oral health so I'm very happy.

15th August 2023

excellent staff

15th August 2023

The staff are very attentive and friendly, I felt at ease and comfortable throughout my appointment. Everything was explained and the hygienist continued to check in throughout the procedure to make sure I was doing okay.

12th August 2023

Good supportive atmosphere and excellent staff, clinical and non clinical.

12th August 2023

Staff are lovely and friendly and do everything possible to make you feel at ease- I’m a nervous patient because of dental treatment when I was young and they listened and took extra care to hand clean my teeth rather than use machines

10th August 2023

Professional, efficient, empathetic.

10th August 2023

Very caring professional practice.

9th August 2023

Clarity of explanation if my treatment

8th August 2023

Friendly and reliable with multiple reminders. The clinician was aware of my previous care. He was competent and caring abs varied out my check up gently and thoroughly

6th August 2023

Staff were excellent.

4th August 2023

Very professional and skilled staff .

3rd August 2023

Great staff. Accommodated my requests promptly and took into account my specific needs.

3rd August 2023

Highly professional, friendly team Spotless environment

2nd August 2023

Excellent service. Friendly, professional and helpful staff. First rate treatment. Kept well informed about the procedure.

2nd August 2023

Very professional service. Stella, hygienist explained fully the importance of brushing around the gum line at the front and back of teeth. Importance of flossing too either use dental sticks or floss. Thank you

2nd August 2023

Thoughtful and supportive team .

1st August 2023

All of the staff are very professional and friendly. They take into account my phobea of visiting the dentist and put me at ease all through my visit.

1st August 2023

The whole team are friendly, helpful, caring and treat you so well especially as a nervous patient

1st August 2023

Great dentists and nurses; great reception team too.Dominic and Carol are great.

30th July 2023

Needed urgent work needed doing from an accident. Got me in really quickly and had a thorough check with x-rays and created a short term and long term plan. The short term work was fulfilled and I'm out of pain. The team looked after me and the end result I'm really happy with!


Faisal Mohammed

I had a fantastic experience at the Dental Health Centre with Dr. Ahmed. I recently had composite bonding done, and the results are amazing. Dr. Ahmed's skill and attention to detail truly shine through in his work. My teeth look great, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The entire team at the practice was friendly and professional, making me feel comfortable throughout the process. I highly recommend Dr. Ahmed and the Dental Health Centre for anyone in need of dental care. They exceeded my expectations, and I'll definitely be returning for any future dental needs!

28th July 2023

first class service, very attentive staff

27th July 2023

Extremely friendly staff and dentist, especially for nervous patients. Fantastic results also.

27th July 2023

Asim is an excellent dentist and all staff are really friendly

25th July 2023

Dominic is very good at putting people at ease and he is very good with children too

25th July 2023

Very friendly, supportive staff. The Practice is right in the centre of Didsbury, south Manchester. ‘Gentle reminders’ were sent in advance. The paperwork, needed before the visit, was easy to fill in.

21st July 2023

My daughter and I have been at The Dental Health Centre for a VERY long time and everyone is amazing! It’s like visiting family members you actually like! Everyone makes you feel welcome.

21st July 2023

Very professional and friendly

18th July 2023

As an anxious patient it is very important to me to have a good relationship with my dentist. I find the relaxed informal personal approach calming and my dentist understands that I find having treatment difficult and ensures that he takes every step to make it successful and a positive experience!!!!

16th July 2023

Many thanks!

15th July 2023

The treatment was easy to arrange. It started on time:the biology was explained clearly, as were the proposed treatment and the possible complications. The procedure was done under local anaesthetic, excellently done, was quick and I was led through it step by step - there were no surprises. I was cleaned up, briefed on post-op treatment, and sent on my way.

15th July 2023

I have been going to Didsbury since early 2008,and got to know most of the staff quite well.They know me and my requirements which make it easier than going to a dentist I don't know!It's rather easy to book or change an appointment too,which helps with work etc.

9th July 2023

Excellent care and service from the whole team throughout my appointment

8th July 2023

Treatment and condition of guns etc explained clearly and advice given.

8th July 2023

I have been a patient of Dr Panchmatia for 40 years and that says it all . He is a skilled ,gentle and professional dentist.

8th July 2023

Always friendly and very knowledgeableGood advice given which I trustGreat use of tech to educate patients betterFeel like dentist and hygienist read notes and know your history before you arrive

6th July 2023

Professional friendly team. Completely happy with all aspects of my dental care.

5th July 2023

appointments when you want or need themeverywhere very cleanwarm welcome from reception staff and dentistfull explanation as to what was being done and whyfriendly and chatty staffdid not feel rushedfelt I was being treated well

5th July 2023

I have been s patient for over 30 years do know thd practice well

5th July 2023

The service is professional, friendly and sets patients at ease. The dental care seems very comprehensive and up to date. There is not sense of 'rush'. My only regret is that this level of service is not standard or accessible for everyone on the NHS.

4th July 2023

First class service from start at reception

4th July 2023

I have a dental plan and I feel very confident with the clinical dental staff, their advice and support to me. The reception staff are incredibly helpful.

2nd July 2023

Having been a patient for many years and always had a positive experience makes it easy to recommend the Practice

1st July 2023

The whole team come across as warm, friendly and highly professional. I was always felt my needs were important.

30th June 2023

Great service

29th June 2023

Very professional & efficient. I was made to feel very relaxed & treatments were very well explained to me.

28th June 2023

The thoroughness of initial examination. Sound and clear advice on treatment options. Ease of making an appointment based on the assessment of treatment. Welcoming approach for treatment, putting patient at ease with a clear explanation of how the treatment will progress. Regular checks on comfort. Follow up advice after treatment. Courtesy follow up call the following day to check on comfort and healing process.

25th June 2023

I was quite nervous about my appointment as it was on a tooth I have had problems with and it was a crown, so I knew it would be quite long. However, I was really pleased that despite all the work, I didn't feel any pain at any time and since the appointment the crown has settled well. I was fully informed about treatment prior to the appointment but it was better than I expected.

25th June 2023

The competence and care and professionalism shown by the dentist and nurse and also the efficiency and friendliness of the reception staff.

25th June 2023

Everyone is very friendly and happy to accommodate any changes of appointment time etc.

25th June 2023

Excellent care

23rd June 2023

Staff very courteous- excellent explanation of procedures

22nd June 2023

The dentist was the best ever!

21st June 2023

Whole experience was excellent.

20th June 2023

Good reception. Excellent dentists and nurses. All keen to please. Convenient surgery.


dj blaze

I was really happy with the service I had the day I came in…I came in for a check up and then the came back the week after for my treatment…and I really felt comfortable..thank you so much dr kurram..much appreciated

18th June 2023

Helpful and friendly staff who explain treatment clearly.

17th June 2023

Excellent service

27th May 2023

All the staff are friendly and helpful. Appointment started on time.. The dentist made the procedure painless, was very informative. Made me feel at ease. As always excellent.

27th May 2023

The dentist and all the staff are efficient, helpful, professional and pleasant.

25th May 2023

Efficient professional treatment helpful staff , advice for treatment pending with explanation. I have a gag reflex and my dentist is accommodating my problem with patience and skill

24th May 2023

Dominic always spends time to explain in plain english the diagnosis and treatment that is required. This makes a massive difference in the confidence i have in him as my clinician. Couldn't be happier with him as my dentist.

24th May 2023

Made to feel welcome as soon as I went into the clinic .

23rd May 2023

my dentist is just amazing - am i allowed to say that i adore my my dentist - purely as a dentist, he is so caring, puts me at ease everytime, and LISTENS TO ME. And Stella is great too.

22nd May 2023

Excellent care thank you

21st May 2023

Advice sought and offered on treatment and hygiene options. Clinicians highly professional and totally patient focused.

20th May 2023

Very good treatment All procedures explained wellProactive cate

20th May 2023

Excellent attitude and attention from the dentist. Really like his calm and gentle manner. His approach is very professional and he is focused on the job in hand.

17th May 2023

Dr Asim is extremely professional and personable. He explains everything in detail and makes you feel very at ease. Excellent experience

17th May 2023

I have always been very happy with the way I have been treated. And excellent care.

13th May 2023

Highly professional, friendly, informative and efficient service. All the staff were very helpful and pleasant and welcoming.

12th May 2023

No thanks

12th May 2023

Pleasant atmosphere. The clinicians, nurses and reception are always very professional, kind and caring.

11th May 2023

Very informative on checkup and potential action to be considered.

11th May 2023

Very comfortable experience

11th May 2023

Punctual, pleasant staff, focussed, professional.

10th May 2023

Delightful team. Professional and with a personal touch

10th May 2023

I am confident that the dentist will give the right treatment within my budget. The hygienist is very skilled and I completely trust that I have professional treatment and advice .

5th May 2023

Excellent care, superb dentist and nurse, treated with care and respect. They do not rush and have time for you.

4th May 2023

All staff were very professional and friendly which makes the visit to the surgery quite relaxing.

3rd May 2023

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the clinic or from private dentistry. I found the clinic online, and thought I’d try it after having no luck with the NHS. I’m not particularly wealthy, but I had such an incredible experience that I plan to sign up to your payment plan and continue at the clinic. I never received this standard of care at the NHS and my teeth have never looked so good. I’m hoping to sign my partner up as well

1st May 2023

Quality care and friendliness

1st May 2023

Professional clinic with staff who take time with patients, are knowledgeable and have a goodwill way of dealing with patients.

29th April 2023

Tom (and the lovely lady with him) were amazing to my girls for their check up. They were both very nervous and they made them feel very calm and reassuring throughout

28th April 2023

As always all were pleasant and friendly as well as efficient.

28th April 2023

Professiona, friendly and efficient

26th April 2023

A routine check up appointment. An issue was raised with regard to oral hygiene and options for further treatment were discussed and determined. An appointment was made to address the issue. A clear explanation of time and cost were provided.

25th April 2023

I am always listened to. My overall health is important in my treatment and this is factored into decisions made by me and the team.

25th April 2023

Pleasant, professional and knowledgeable staff.

25th April 2023

I have attended this surgery for quite a few years. I am a very nervous patient and am always put at ease by the whole team.

24th April 2023

Very happy with the service in all departments at the clinic have been a patient for a number of years.

22nd April 2023

I feel that my dental health has been well managed. I like that Dominic explains what is happening with my teeth and that I can see the enlarged xrays on the screen when he explains what is happening with my teeth

22nd April 2023

I was able to get an appointment that was convenient for me. The staff were all friendly and helpful. I didn't have to wait very long to be seen - and the Dentist was great at explaining everything.


Daphne Pereira

Excellent pain free dental treatment by Dr Dominic Pett and also Aleena Khan the dental hygienist. The practice staff are also very pleasant and helpful.

21st April 2023

Everyone was prompt, efficient and friendly and this matters to me as a nervous patient

20th April 2023

The reception staff, dentalNurses, Hygienist and Tim the dentist put me at ease and don’t make me feel a fool for having a dental phobia. They are professional and kind

20th April 2023

Everyone was very professional and helpful made me feel very comfortable

20th April 2023

I've been a patient here for nearly 30 years & it is easily the best practice. I have lots of ongoing issues with my teeth & have never had a bad experience here.

19th April 2023

Always thorough and gives good explanations. Very pleasant and friendly.

19th April 2023

Stella was very aware of my gum sensitivity and explained how she could help. She is very easy to talk to and listens.

19th April 2023

Lovely hygienist, respectful and friendly.

18th April 2023

Aleena, Hygienist, and the Nurse whose name is I think Elkie (almost certainly wrong - apologies) were fab!

18th April 2023

Happy to remain a long term patient.

17th April 2023

I have been seeing this clinician for years. I trust him to never suggest an unnecessary treatment. So far he has made a couple of cosmetic suggestions but has ensured to explain there would be not health benefit.

15th April 2023

All the reception staff were extremely helpful as always. Dominic was friendly and put me at ease. He explained things to me clearly and showed me x-rays taken previously to help me understand. A great experience. Thank you.

15th April 2023

Sunil is a fantastic dentist always puts me at ease and my teeth have never been healthier since registering here.

14th April 2023

Friendly/excellent staff. The dentist made me feel very much at ease.

13th April 2023

Reception great. Excellent dentist. Love the text messages and calendar invites on the emails. Clean. How could I not come back? Patience with my children.

12th April 2023

I have been a patient for over 30 years I suggest that should show how satisfied I have been with this practice

11th April 2023

As a very nervous patient I am more than happy with the patience shown from Asim at my appointment, he explained everything he did in a very calm manner which helped my nerves and kept me calm.

9th April 2023

Very helpful receptionist and clear communication.

7th April 2023

All of the staff are friendly, cheerful and helpful. I enjoy the random conversations I have or hear during my appointment. The dentist gives great feedback and advice.

6th April 2023

The hygienist is excellent. She always explains what she is doing and regularly checks if I am ok throughout the treatment.

6th April 2023

The receptionists here provide the best service and always make me feel so welcome especially Georgia and Asim always makes me feel at ease and reassured my Invisalign is working well.

6th April 2023

Smooth run appointment


Andrew Brown

Absolutely amazing. I know that's a crazy thing to say about a dentist, but the quality of care and service are so good. From the moment you call, to the moment you leave. If they are taking/accepting new patients is strongly recommend.

5th April 2023

Excellent professional dental care & friendly

5th April 2023

It is a great dental surgery that provides a professional and friendly service


Sandie Kelsey-White

Brilliant place to go to. I used to hate the dentists chair. I really don’t mind now, plus my teeth are well looked after. I can only recommend this dental practice as the best I’ve ever had. My dentist knows and treats me with respect.

1st April 2023

Both the Dentist and Hygienist are always very thorough and efficient

1st April 2023

From the moment you arrive at reception you are greeted by name by friendly staff and treated with care throughout. I used to be an incredibly nervous patient and over the years I have overcome this due to the patience and sensitivity of everyone at the practice

31st March 2023

Staff always friendly and helpful but also very professional

31st March 2023

All my questions were answered in full. Both Dentist and his nurse were very pleasant and attentive.

29th March 2023

Excellent communication with reception team, very satisfied with treatment from both the hygienist and the dentist.

28th March 2023

all staff very kind, effective and efficient

26th March 2023

It al went extremely well and I needed no further treatment


saba ahmed

I was greeted at the Dental Health Centre by the welcoming and friendly reception team. Dr Asim put me at ease from the onset of my appointment, and was very thorough with the explanation of my x-ray and the proposed treatment plan. He was professional and reassuring throughout the procedure, which calmed any nerves that I had felt. Dr Asim advised me on how to keep my teeth and gums healthy, and I have implemented his suggestions into my dental care routine. I left the appointment well informed of the aftercare that was required. Overall, I received an outstanding service.

25th March 2023

Very efficient and friendly staff who explain very clearly what treatment I need and how to look after my teeth.

24th March 2023

Had an appointment with the hygienist who provides clear guidance about brushing etc and gives specific feedback that enables me to improve my cleaning routine. My follow up with the dentist for a checkup was thorough and my dentist provided a clear summary at the end regarding the general health of my mouth and the plan going forward. Before I left the practice I had already scheduled my next appointments in six months time. I feel confident about the quality of care I receive each time I visit the practice and do recommend the practice and my dentist to others without hesitation. I don’t want to finish without a mention of the reception staff. They are friendly, helpful and do a great job. Thank you everyone.


Melanie Smith

I have been going to this practice for a few years now and it has always been a great experience. The team are always so friendly and put me at ease straight away. They were also great with my baby for his first time at the dentist! Special thanks to dental nurse Melissa and dentist Sunil, and to Sue who managed to accommodate me at such short notice.

22nd March 2023

Friendly staff. Thorough check up by hygienist and dentist.

22nd March 2023

Very professional and pleasant . Always puts me at ease and I enjoy the chat with the team during the appointment. Always explain the procedure or next steps very professionally, compassionately and clearly .

22nd March 2023

Everyone is always very professional and friendly. Make you feel welcome and very helpful. Willing to explain everything and answer all questions you have.


scooby doo

Lovely welcoming practice. All the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. And my teeth are getting excellent care!

17th March 2023

Staff are always very friendly. There was a decent wait for my checkup this time but reception team kept me informed and offered opportunity to reschedule. Always very nice

15th March 2023

On time ,efficient and good and considered advice

12th March 2023

Great customer care. Very friendly and welocming staff. Practitioner took time to explians things and provided excellent advice and guidnce - overall a tip top service thank you

9th March 2023

Asim is a total legend.Such amazing chairside manner and like, so chill.Very honest and professional, even when I try out shock questions, like how he would handle clients with dangling snot balls.I thought Dominic was good until Asim came along

5th March 2023

All very professional

2nd March 2023

I have been a patient for 32 plus years and my experience was very good as it was a non invasive procedure Although the cost wasn't told to me until I had to pay at reception

2nd March 2023

Professional, personable and welcoming - a first class dental practice in all aspects

2nd March 2023

I got a quick response and solution to my issue. Cost kept to minimum. All staff pleasant and welcoming, as usual.

27th February 2023


25th February 2023

Been here for years and very happy with general approach and care

23rd February 2023

The staff are always helpful and polite. Communication between the staff is good. The clinic is always clean and the availability of appointments are good.

22nd February 2023

The dentist was amazing as a nervous patient he put me at ease and was so understanding. He was just amazing I have no nerves returning to see him for my check up.

17th February 2023

I am always told exactly what treatment I am having and given a full run down on condition of teeth and mouth. I always have any questions answered plus additional up to date advice on care and maintenance of teeth.

17th February 2023

A long term patient at the practice and always satisfied The reception staff are excellent and all dental staff inspire confidence All my family are patients too

17th February 2023

All went well after a short delay and was handled courteously and politely

16th February 2023

Tom and Melissa are usually the team who I see, both were excellent as ever. Tom gave some very helpful advice, as he has frequently over the last few months. The hygienist was quick and friendly. The reception team are just amazing, they always go above and beyond. One of them brought me antibiotics to my house recently because I had covid, just a lovely thing to do (thanks Sue!) They’re all brilliant, can’t thank everyone enough

15th February 2023

It was a successful process and I think quite difficult My tooth looks lovely now

15th February 2023

Friendly service

11th February 2023

I am currently undergoing Invisalign treatment. I attend the dental health centre regularly and have been a patient for 24 Years. Everyone is so polite and helpful and always give the best dental care. I would thoroughly recommend

10th February 2023

All the staff - reception : dentist : hygenist are very polite and courteous. I am treated very well when I attend.

10th February 2023

For all the reasons already given!

8th February 2023

The practice is very well managed. Staff are all professional and friendly and seem happy in their work . The hygienist is highly skilled .

8th February 2023

Everything went well.

8th February 2023

The hygienist, Stella, was very informative and gave me a detailed plan for my brushing technique. She also gave positive feedback on my progress - I had first presented with a lot of tartar build-up and gum problems.

8th February 2023

Very friendly and professional service

4th February 2023

Everything was well explained. I felt comfortable.

4th February 2023

experienced dentist whom I have been seeing for a number of years

4th February 2023

Mr Panchmatia was just very professional, and put me at ease as I was feeling nervous.

3rd February 2023

I was a completely terrified patient before I found this practice. Their care and understanding have enabled me to receive treatments over the last few years without the dread that I always had.

2nd February 2023

My appointment was on time. The clinician explained the procedure very well and included what I should I do if I experienced any discomfort ( I did not), asked me how I was feeling during the treatment and reacted positively to my comments. The reception team were very friendly and helpful.

29th January 2023

My whole experience was really good. The way the hygienist, the dental nurse nd the dentist explained everything about my teeth during the appointment was excellent . The hygienist showed me thru a mirror where I needed to concentrate on my teeth and physically showed me the technique required when brushing my teeth.

28th January 2023

Have been a patient for well over 30 years so am more than happy with the treatment received in all areas.

28th January 2023

I was listened to and respected. All options were explained to me. I could ask questions and have appropriate responses. My dentist understands my situation and responds accordingly.

27th January 2023

Everything was very well explained. Understood what was going to happen and how the risks had been assessed. Detailed advice on what to do and not do in the hours after the treatment. Was encouraged to come back to the surgery if there were any problems in the following days. Both the dentist and dental nurse were very friendly and professional. Had no need to ask the dental nurse for any specific assistance but am sure it would have been provided at the same high level as the rest of the overall visit.

26th January 2023

Great staff and well explained, felt at ease

25th January 2023

Very good, modern, efficient dental practise. Staff always go out of their way to help. Able to tackle any problem. Have been going for more than 20 years.Often recommend them

22nd January 2023

I was a bit nervous about my appointment as i knew that my teeth weren’t in their normal condition. I have had a difficult 6 months and my teeth have been affected by this. The dentist put me at ease, did a good clean and gave me some good advice to get my oral hygeine back up to it’s usual standard.

19th January 2023

There was a slight delay for staff to star work caused by poor weather and subsequent traffic problems. The Hygienist was excellent and the dentist took time and care to ensure my examination was thorough.

14th January 2023

I have been registered at this practice for over 30 years. My current dentist is by far the best his dental nurse is lovely & the reception staff so helpful & friendly.

13th January 2023

Answered my questions satisfactory

12th January 2023

Using this dental clinic for over 20 years. Have NEVER had a problem

12th January 2023

Listened to and good explanations throughout.

11th January 2023


11th January 2023

Needed an urgent appointment to re-fix a crown. Receptionist extremely helpful when I phoned for appointment. Dentist did a thorough job with good explanation of what he was doing and why.

9th January 2023

The care and treatment I received was excellent from start to finish. The dentist spent time to explain what was going to happen and kept me updated throughout the procedure. I felt comfortable at all times and had full confidence in the dentist.The whole team were excellent.

8th January 2023

I have a very small mouth and due to my age, I have many old fillings and this tooth was at the rear back lower part of my mouth and the patience of the dental practitioner and nurse and attention to detail to save this tooth was excellent. The appointment lasted 1 and a quarter hours and I felt assured throughout, that the dental work was the correct option on this tooth.

7th January 2023

All the staff are very friendlyThe practice is cleanThe dentist is thorough and efficient

6th January 2023

Pleasant,polite staff. I am a nervous patient and the staff are very patient with me. It is easy to make an appointment, especially in an emergency My appointment was delayed by 35 minutes, due to unforseen circumstances,but the staff did their best to rearrange to my satisfaction.

6th January 2023

I had 2 appointments booked one after another, this worked well and I was finished I. Half an hour. All staff very nice and helpful.

6th January 2023

Very Pleased with all the staff at the Dental Surgery, Dentist, Nurse and reception staff all very pleasant, very welcoming and make you feel at ease, the clinic is kept very clean and maintained well. The treatment i received is very professional and i would highly recommend this practice to my family and Friends. I have never had a bad experience at this practice. Thank very much to all involved.

4th January 2023

Very professional and explained my visit and further treatment with much detail made me feel very at ease. I was very happy with my visit as I always am.

26th December 2022

Dealt with on time clearly explained what treatment I was going to receive, and explained future way forward and booked my next appointment in 3 months time

26th December 2022

Have confidence that the clinician will deal with any problems. He identified the need for me to visit my GP to check for possible blood count issues. Prescribed cream for skin problems around mouth.

26th December 2022

The practice has always been extremely accommodating, clean and well run. I have always received first class treatment and customer care.

26th December 2022

I felt safe . We discusses options for further treatment if the sensivity in my teeth persist. He was very professional and kind to me.

23rd December 2022

We trust the service

23rd December 2022

I had lost a filling and was given an appointment the day I rang. I was given appropriate temporary treatment and discussed options for replacement of the filling.

22nd December 2022

The staff are motivated and well trained but also friendly and welcoming

22nd December 2022

Tom the dentist who carried out the work on my tooth was great, I was at ease immediately. He explained what options I had and I took the advice given

21st December 2022

The dentist and assistant knew I was very nervous about the procedure and went out of their way to make it as smooth and pain free as possible

20th December 2022

My daughter and I have been patients at The Dental Health Center for a very long time and we always look forward to going. Everyone is lovely.

17th December 2022

I am confident in the care provided by the team and trust the dentist to provide appropriate clinical care

17th December 2022

Very experienced, competent staff who deal with patients in a professional but friendly manner.

17th December 2022

Kind and caring and discussed findings and plan in detail

16th December 2022

The staff are always extremely friendly and welcoming. My dentist and dental nurse are always knowledgeable approachable and friendly. All together it is an extremely pleasant dental set up.

15th December 2022

Very professional and friendly service from all staff. Always a pleasure coming for my treatments .

14th December 2022

Very pleasant, helpful staff. Dentist has a very professional and friendly manner and always explains planned procedures very clearly. It is always possible to ask questions and nothing feels rushed.

14th December 2022

It is in every respect excellent

13th December 2022

I have been at this Dental practice over 25yrs care has been of a consistently high standard

11th December 2022

I did not wait long before the appointment.I was given a lot of options and not pressured.I feel like my teeth are clean and healthy from the advice I receive.

10th December 2022

Both the hygienist Ann dentist are very thorough. They are also thoughtful. For instance they had noted from my previous appointment that I was unhappy if the chair was too horizontal. They were both kind and considerate even although as a grumpy old woman I am not easy to deal with.

9th December 2022

All staff were very friendly and helpful, there was no waiting and they did a checkup and cleaning all in a single visit.They explained everything clearly and took time to listen to questions.It was a great experience.

9th December 2022

Asim and his dental nurse are great. It’s the people not the practice that counts.

8th December 2022

Friendly and professional. Good care. Seen in time.

8th December 2022

Effective treatment

8th December 2022

Professional, competent and considerate.

7th December 2022

The dentist and hygienist are always patient and kind.

6th December 2022

All the reasons mentioned above. The treatment & service is of a very high quality.

6th December 2022

All the staff are extremely kind, caring and friendly. All treatments are very well explained. I have been coming for many years and it is a pleasure to be cared for here. All the work done on my teeth has been of the highest quality. I have never had any worries or complaints. My children were also extremely well looked after here.

6th December 2022

It’s a lovely environment and you don’t feel as though you’re being proffered unnecessary treatment. Very friendly and clean.

6th December 2022

Pain relief given as appropriate and procedure fully explained so there were no surprises. Full. Explanation given as to why the root canal was necessary and the various treatment options

3rd December 2022

Kind and considerate staff.

1st December 2022

Everything went to plan and the dentist responded clearly to my questions. He took care of a health query I had and agreed future care.

1st December 2022

Very satisfied with all parts of the dental surgery Receptionist very helpful and pleasant. Dentist and nurses , put you at ease, make you feel very comfortable and reassuring throughout the treatment. I have nothing but pure confidence in all the staff I have dealt with at this Dental surgery. Thank you and well done

30th November 2022

Trustworthy, informative, positive and friendly

30th November 2022

Polite informative efficient

28th November 2022

Listened to my concerns Future care well explained

25th November 2022

On time, competent staff

24th November 2022

Professional friendly knowledgable staff, comfortable clean environment

24th November 2022

Dealt with in a professional manner always

24th November 2022

The reception staff, Tom the dentist and the dental nurse bend over backwards to be helpful, they were great and fitted me in to be seen at the start of the day. An amazing team and practice

23rd November 2022

I have attended this surgery for many years and have always had excellent treatment this time was no different.



Had my dental health check and hygiene appointment recently and as always received a friendly and professional service . All the staff at the Dental health centre from reception /admin to the hygienist and dentist are fantastic and make it a nice experience. I would definitely recommend this dental practice and would never even consider moving!! Paul S November 2022

17th November 2022

Having been a member of the dental practice since it's beginning under NHS I am confident in the practice and it's staff. Dr Owen has a very professional ethos and instilled in her staff

17th November 2022

The friendliness of staff Also my dentist Asim Ahmed explained everything he was doing and was very calm. And friendly

17th November 2022

because everything went accordingly to my expectations

16th November 2022

Very professional team. No waiting or delays. Excellent advice

15th November 2022

Suni l has been supportive and has improved my experience of my dental visits 100% since he was recomme ded to me over 10 years ago

10th November 2022

The patient has learning disabilities, and normally gets free dental care, however being away from his normal residence and needing attention, our dentist was willing to see him. And concluded that he needed the help of the hygienist. An free appointment came up soon . And he was treated with the utmost care and understanding. We are very grateful.

10th November 2022

As usual, friendly, highly competent diagnosis and treatment suggestion.

10th November 2022

Reception staff welcoming and put you at ease, friendly efficient hygienist and dentist , excellent treatment and advice of possible future treatment, ease of making appointments

9th November 2022

I have been a patient for a number of years. The practice continues to treat me with kindness, respect and professionalism. Thank you.

7th November 2022

Everything went very smoothly, my concerns were listened to and a possible problem thoroughly investigated.

6th November 2022

Appointment with new hygienist - she was very thorough and my teeth were in the best state they have ever been following this type of treatment - very pleased

5th November 2022

Friendly, efficient as usual for both dentist SKP and hygienist SMW. The only difficulty was in booking both a dental checkup and hygienist appt online (I couldn't work out how to check availability for both at the same time) - I booked the dentist only but fortunately reception noticed the day before and phoned to let me know there was a hygienist appointment the same morning, which was really helpful.

4th November 2022

I am always treated with courtesy and the hygienist and the dentist explained things to me and told me how they were proceeding.

4th November 2022

Both the dentist and dental nurse were delightful and highly professional

2nd November 2022

I trust the clinicians and the reception staff are helpful and always polite

2nd November 2022

Considerate professionals. Always given a warm welcome and feel concerns and fears are listened to.

1st November 2022

I've been going there for a few years, and I am very satisfied with the progress of the improvement with my teeth since going there. The staff are very friendly.

1st November 2022

First class, professional service - as always.

1st November 2022

Always have great care for both myself for the last 15years and now for my children.


Alison Hawdale

Everyone at this practice is so lovely and supportive. I am a very nervous patient, being quite claustrophobic. But my dentist Tom is kind and patient, he listens carefully to everything I say, and comes up with solutions for anything that worries me. The receptionists are all very friendly and helpful, which makes a big difference to the whole experience of visiting the dentist

30th October 2022

The dentist talked through my treatment and checked that I was comfortable and not in pain

29th October 2022

Appointment was on time. Dentist and dental nurse both very professional. Thorough check up and possible future treatment explained.

27th October 2022

All staff involved were, as always caring, patient , professional and expert in their various roles.

27th October 2022

Asim is a great dentist. Interested, encouraging and quick . Great reception team who could easily reschedule my appointment and lovely hygienist

26th October 2022

Extreme care taken and clear attention to detail

26th October 2022

Asim is an amazing dentist. So engaging and takes the time to explain everything he’s done/will do. Plus recommendations to keep going with. Remembers personal details too which is a lovely touch.

25th October 2022

This is a very professionally run clinic, from the reception staff, to dental assistants and then dentists themselves. It is very clean, all staff are professional and polite and accommodating.

25th October 2022

Very helpful reception staffLong term patient here and always been satisfied Use the treatment plan for all members of my family

24th October 2022

I had to wait 10 minutes but was explained by reception

23rd October 2022

Highly competent and friendly

23rd October 2022

Sunil is very passionate about his job and is highly knowledgable. I completely trust what he tell me and that he’s acting in my best interest.

22nd October 2022

All the staff are friendly, highly professional and explain how I can best look after my teeth

21st October 2022

Tom the dentist and Aleena all very good, kind and competent as are the dental nurses and receptionists. They acknowledge your fears and anxiety and I have absolute trust in them

20th October 2022

Accommodated an Emergency same day & saved /created fitting my front crown by creating a peg as my filed down tooth under the crown had snapped off leaving no peg to fit it back on !Miracle dentistry work

20th October 2022

I am a nervous patient and always feels cared for and looked after during appointments. The dentist is extremely good at discussing options and advice to prevent future issues or about treatment advised and why this is necessary.

16th October 2022

Attention excellent, everyone at the practice friendly and efficient

11th October 2022

The quality of care from Mr Pett and Carol, the Dental Nurse who regularly works with him, was as expert, good-humoured, and successful as I have come to expect. That alone would leave me very satisfied but, as on previous occasions, the reception staff showed initiative and contributed to a prompt and successful resolution of my problem. The close coordination of the whole team, coupled with really expert treatment, is a distinguishing feature of this Practice.

8th October 2022

Procedure was explained clearly to me beforehand and I was very comfortable throughout.

8th October 2022

Always a great experience.

7th October 2022

It was a dental emergency, a crown had come off, and I was seen a couple of hours after my phone call, to assess the situation.

7th October 2022

Friendly staff, really pleased with the treatments I received on the day.

7th October 2022

My scores tell the story

7th October 2022

I have been using the Dentist health practice for more than 30 yearsDuring this time I have Had excellent treatment and advice.

6th October 2022

All staff helpful and well informed. They only want to please you. Pride themselves on high standards. Dentist extremely considerate and trusted by me.

6th October 2022

Treatment expertly explained and performed. Practitioners and receptionists put me at my ease.

5th October 2022

I feel at ease coming to this Dentist, so friendly and I feel well looked after x

5th October 2022

The staff are extremely efficient and pleasant.

2nd October 2022

Staff are always pleasant

1st October 2022

No complaints all wonderful

1st October 2022

Lovely staff and service. No complaints

30th September 2022

I’m a nervous patient and the whole team always treats me with care & kindness

30th September 2022

Always professional and alert to my specific needs .

29th September 2022

Strong relationship with clinician built over a long time therefore high levels of confidence and ongoing care for not just my dental health but overall well being.

28th September 2022

Excellent service all round. Felt everyone was exceptionally competent and friendly. Didn’t have to wait long… Have never actually liked a dentists before this one!

26th September 2022

Everyone is Very professional and friendly and supportive

23rd September 2022

Great appointment with Aleena who gave good clear advice

17th September 2022

Very professional and skilful treatment

17th September 2022

Well looked after attentive treatment good explanation on maintaining dental health using dental picks floss and electric toothbrush Treatment felt thorough good outcome from treatment

14th September 2022

The dentist, hygienist and reception staff are all very friendly and respectful.

14th September 2022

Very experienced dentist. Also very personable. All the staff are very efficient.

12th September 2022

Dominic is a most friendly dentist who listens and provides excellent service.He gives confidence to someone who has not had confidence in dentists in the past.

11th September 2022

I was worried before hand having never had a filling. Following local anaesthetic the procedure was painless quick and well explained.

10th September 2022

I'm very pleased with the service I get at this practice

10th September 2022

On time and all staff professional and courteous

10th September 2022

Everything was well explained as to my what would be happening during my appointment

9th September 2022

The staff are all so lovely and welcoming. Amazing dentists that really helped put me at ease. Highly recommend

8th September 2022

The dentist listen to my needs. Advised, how to improve my mouth hygiene. Was efficient. Clean practice. Helpful reception staff.

5th September 2022

Reception staff welcoming and efficientHygienist gentle, dexterous and explained procedure throughout

5th September 2022

Abid was very gentle in his approach and seemed to be taking great care. No pain felt either!

3rd September 2022

Professional, thorough, caring and personable key players who looked after me during my visit.

1st September 2022

Very polite, friendly and professional. No sense of being just another patient. Respectful to my comments.

27th August 2022

I have been with this practice for over 20 years & my dentist is very thorough.

26th August 2022

The staff are very friendly and helpful.The practice is clean and efficient.The waiting time is minimal and it is a nice environment to wait in.

26th August 2022

Highly professional, friendly and efficient. All of these inspire confidence and enhance satisfaction.

26th August 2022

Usual courtesy and managed to fit me in although I arrived on the wrong day !

26th August 2022

All staff from the receptionists to clinicians are highly professional and very friendly

24th August 2022

Dentist is always friendly and puts me at ease. He consistently explains his reasoning for certain treatments and offers advice and reassurance.

24th August 2022

I had previously given feedback (after not being totally happy with the experience I had) which has clearly been taken on board and this appointment was much better - I felt heard - taken seriously - my time and financial capabilities respected (a key point for people given the current energy price increases) - great experience!

24th August 2022

All the staff were friendly, treatment excellent, and it's always a real pleasure to be there.

23rd August 2022

Everything ran smoothly and efficiently

23rd August 2022

All staff were extremely polite, professional and helpful. My daughters check-up was very thorough and Tom was great with her. He explained everything really well and the appointment wasn’t rushed in any way. We will definitely be returning in six months time!

22nd August 2022

Ongoing regular appointment. Appointment on time Staff friendly, respectful . I have a named dentist and hygienist.


arsalan rashid

After suffering from wisdom tooth pain for a while I contacted the practice and had an initial consultation with Dr Asim Ahmed. I have never enjoyed the dentist but Dr Asim put my mind at ease in the meeting. He diligently and professionally explained the issue and the potential solutions. Following his advice I booked in an appointment for the dental procedure (removal of a wisdom tooth which I had heard could be a difficult procedure) On the day of the appointment he was a welcome calming presence and before I knew it the procedure was finished. I was expecting operation to be painful, but I can honestly say I didn't not feel any pain at all which was a relief. Dr Asim then explained the post op instructions and I was on my way. I can happily say that I am no longer suffering. So thank you Dr Asim for your candour and professionalism.

20th August 2022

All the staff at the clinic are so helpful

20th August 2022

On time, professional and friendly

19th August 2022

All very friendly but also very professional and reassuring

16th August 2022

Very professional and courteous


Sean Warren

Sunil is quite simply a superb dentist: professionally competent but also a caring, considerate, attentive person. He recently carried out a molar extraction that was long overdue and I am so grateful to him. The reception staff are always affable and I have really appreciated their patience and kindness throughout the challenges of the past two-and-a half years when I have needed to rearrange appointments on several occasions. I'm not in the habit of writing reviews but wouldn't hesitate to recommend in this case. My wife and children are all equally happy with the practice.

11th August 2022

My course of treatment was carried out as planned during a previous visit — with an extra treatment included to save a second visit.

11th August 2022

Very relaxed environment both hygienist & dentist talked me through everything & gave advice to follow at home

10th August 2022

Dominic, Carol, Rachel& everyone I have come into contact with at the practice over the past 10+ years in addition to their professional expertise, have consistently been genuinely kind, friendly & just a lovely team - hence why although I’m based in London, I haven’t changed dentists.

9th August 2022

Pleasant staff - very amenable as appointment rearranged. Rang to tell me they dentist was running late. Professional but gentle treatment

9th August 2022

I trust the dentist and appreciate the high level of technical skills and the warm interpersonal communication of the whole team.

6th August 2022

I have been coming to the practice for many years and have always been highly satisfied with the service I have received.



Have attended this practice for years and have received excellent care from Dr Panchmatia. A special mention must go Alison , the practice manager and Dental nurse , Sue who always go the extra mile to my visit always very pleasant.

5th August 2022

The hygienist and dental nurse listened to me and were very accommodating to my virtigo problem. The treatment was explained well and I was comfortable throughout.

4th August 2022

Reception staff friendly, professional and efficient. Hygienist thorough and sensitive to my needs

2nd August 2022

I have been going to this dental practice for 30+ years

30th July 2022

Excellent treatment and communication from Dominic.

29th July 2022

All the staff including reception are highly professional and put me at ease.

28th July 2022

A warm and welcoming and professional service.

27th July 2022

I was warmly greeted by reception staff,the dentist and the dental nurseeverything was explained as the treatment began and as it proceededI felt safe and comfortableeverything seemed to be clean and spotless.I was shown images of a filling that needed to be replaced in the not too distant futureI was given an estimate of the cost of this work without having to ask for oneI was able to make an appointment for this work to be carried out at my convenience

23rd July 2022

It met my expectations

23rd July 2022

Great survive. Very polite and professional

21st July 2022

I feel that I can really trust my dentist. He takes time to explain the process. Is calm, reassuring and gentle with the treatment.

21st July 2022

I feel comfortable and satisfied my dentist is doing his best for me

21st July 2022

Very helpful assessment. Delighted with treatment outcome.

21st July 2022

Very satisfied that it is easy to talk to the dentist and the hygiënist. They are willing to listen and take You seriously. Accept You where You are and dont make you feel bad about shortcomings, and yet help You to find a way forward to improve

20th July 2022

I have been attending the dental health centre for over 20 years and will continue to do so. The team are exemplary in every respect. Brilliant.

19th July 2022

Treatment for broken tooth provided same day, dentist explained process, put me at ease and completed job with professionalism.

17th July 2022

I really don’t like coming to the dentist but Dominique always makes me feel safe and comfortable - reception staff are always friendly

16th July 2022

Whilst most people do not like visiting their dentist my experience of visiting this dentist has never been anything other than excellent. From the booking to the service delivery, from the receptionists to the dentist and all others along the way, they epitomiseprofessionalism and friendliness at every turn.Thank you and keep up the great work.

15th July 2022

Emergency treatment, the dentist saw me immediately, I had a fantastic treatment.

13th July 2022

Excellent communication and professionalism of the whole team.

12th July 2022

I was highly satisfied because the reception met my needs when I told them about my anxiety and trips to the dentist, they reassured me and told me that Dr Asim is a calm and professional individual who will meet my needs, and he certainly did.

12th July 2022

Very satisfied with my regular dentist. I am. Very nervous of injections in my mouth and he was very sensitive to this. Always explains things well.

10th July 2022

The job was a re-repair, the original work arising from an accident. Though it could have been left, I was advised to have treatment. This was explained to me as the work went on, and the job was done with great attention to detail. Job well done!#

10th July 2022

I was made welcome and put at ease at every stage, I have been with another private dentist for years and before coming to this practise I haven’t experienced professionalism at this level previously. I have now joined the practise plan and become a member of the clinic in Didsbury

8th July 2022

All the staff are aware of my anxiousness and nervousness when I visit and always give 100% with regards to reducing my anxiety.

7th July 2022

All staff were very efficient and answered all my questions

6th July 2022

The Dentist treated me with care and was very good at advising me.

4th July 2022

The Centre's personnel is polite and clear when talking to me. The two dentist I have seeing are clear in what my options are. I had a crown on a broken tooth. The procedure was relatively quick and painless.

2nd July 2022

Very friendly, professional and helpful advice

30th June 2022

Staff were welcoming dentist very professional and kept me informed all the way through the treatment

28th June 2022

Tom and his assistant did a thorough check and we discussed possible future treatments. Stella the hygienist did a great job and gave me extra advise about brushing etc.

26th June 2022

Been a patient for many years and with current dental practioner for a number of years so he knows me and my mouth well. The receptionists are couteeous and always pleasant, patient and treat me with respect.

24th June 2022

Hygienist and dentist were thorough, communicative and very pleasant. Receptionists were helpful, pleasant and respectful.

24th June 2022

have been going here for years unlikely to change

22nd June 2022

An exceptional dentist, highly skilled and very personable. Excellent dental nurse care and friendly professional staff at reception.

21st June 2022

Clear advice and patient


David Rigby

Great treatment, always have a great experience

20th June 2022

Seen on time, procedure explained. After care given. Staff warm and friendly

18th June 2022

On time, very clean and very friendly service made to feel at ease by all

18th June 2022

Nice, clean, organised, thorough

17th June 2022

The team are very professional from reception, nursing staff to the variety of specialist dentists for different treatment needs. Always clean, friendly and attentive to need.

17th June 2022

Very helpful on reception very friendly. Made you feel at ease during both appointments. Very professional too.

15th June 2022

Everything went well with no delay Staff were friendly and helpful..

15th June 2022

Very friendly and supportive staff on reception. Clinician very calm, gentle and informative, all of which helped as I am always nervous visiting the dentist.

15th June 2022

Advice and information given to help me make choices. My needs taken into consideration. Staff always friendly .

14th June 2022

Very efficient staff. Well managed practice.

13th June 2022

Mr Pett and Carol, the nurse who regularly works with him, treat me like a friend whilst providing the most technically excellent dental care I have ever received. The reception staff - led by the amazing Rachel - provide the same warm welcome. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

12th June 2022

I have been coming to practice for several years. All the staff are always helpful, and polite. The practice is clean and appts run to time. My dentist always remembers me and is aware of key info for appt so I don’t need to keep recapping.

12th June 2022

The reception staff , dental nurse and my dentist, Sunil are all very polite, helpful, respectful and friendly. Everything is explained and if asked, questions are answered in a way that is understandable and free of jargon. If technical/ medical terms are used then the meaning of these is clearly explained. During my check up a possible issue was identified and I was offered a further appointment to monitor the issue.

12th June 2022

Seen on time procedure explained and discussed possible future actions

12th June 2022

My new dentist was lovely. He knew how sensitive my teeth were so made sure my clean wasn’t painful.

11th June 2022

Good rapport with dentist. Clear explanation of treatment plans.


Nalin Thakkar

Outstanding service; Mr Panchmatia is an excellent dentist and Melissa (the dental nurse) was superb -polite, attentive and caring. 10/10!

10th June 2022

Efficient and effective

10th June 2022

Brilliant dentist (Mr P) and an excellent nurse (Melissa)

8th June 2022

Excellent practitioner, good communication and nice chair side manner, friendly nurse

8th June 2022

It was my first visit with this particular dentist at the Practice and I was impressed with his manner, the way he explained everything and the care he took.

8th June 2022

First class service explained clearly and delivered expertly.

7th June 2022

Dentist very knowledgeable and experienced

6th June 2022

I felt that my dental inspection was thorough and the staff attentive.

4th June 2022


2nd June 2022

Staff were friendly and professional. The appointment started on time. The practice is always clean and tidy, with a calm environment. Booking appointments is quick and easy.

2nd June 2022

Friendly and helpful clinic

1st June 2022

Staff are highly efficient but very friendly. My dentist treats me as a friend.


Joao Marcos Dyer

Really friendly staff, calm and relaxing environment. They make going to the dentist something to look forward to rather than dreading.


grace melchior

Really professional, friendly and organised, would highly recommend.


Clare Hilton

Always very friendly & super helpful reception staff. Asim (dentist) & Stella (hygienist) both excellent.

30th May 2022

My expectations were exceeded so was happy with the result. Not much pain experienced. The difficult tasks were done well.


Steve Whittaker

Always polite and friendly staff. Saw Stella on Tuesday 24th for hygiene appt and she is friendly and always makes you feel at ease. Explains clearly what she is doing and with tips for cleaning teeth after the visit

27th May 2022

I was highly satisfied with how I was treated by the clinician during my treatment particularly because of how I was spoken to during my treatment. Very friendly and chatty before the treatment, which greatly eased my nerves, and very professional treatment from both the clinician and the nurse.

26th May 2022

Always very professional and very friendly, always got time to answer your questions, never had a bad experience here, thank you all and well done.

26th May 2022

Everything was explained well. I was made comfortable. The dentist, nurse and reception staff were courteous and kind.

25th May 2022

Efficient confident skilled practitioner.


Daryl Crosskill

I was referred to the dental hygienist to address moderate gum disease. The explanation I was given was crisp, precise and helpful. The subsequent treatment was quick and efficient.

25th May 2022

I have experienced BPPV while having dental treatment before and this time the clinician listened to my needs and adjusted his treatment accordingly. It was great and I experienced no vertigo which has greatly reduced my anxiety about attending future appointments. I am very grateful for the adjustments made.

23rd May 2022

high standard of care and expertise, supportive and kind.

21st May 2022

The dentist took the time to explain exactly what was going on. He and his assistant were so gentle with me when I had a little pain, and were so aware and concerned about me through the whole procedure.

21st May 2022

I was very nervous but the dentist was good at making me as comfortable as possible.

20th May 2022

Dentist always very reassuring, patient and explained what was happening throughout.

20th May 2022

I have always been an extremely nervous dental patient. The staff at my dental surgery always do their utmost to make me relax and feel safe. Everything is explained carefully and clearly.

20th May 2022

Staff are always friendly polite and helpful

20th May 2022

I received first class treatment by all the staff

20th May 2022

Dominic is always very pleasant and informative and fully explains everything he is doing. He is very reassuring and puts me at ease

20th May 2022

Dominic takes great care in his work, I always feel like he is an artist in what he does - he is passionate about his work, he explains what he is doing and why in detail. Best dentist I have ever had.

17th May 2022

It was simple and the consultant did all he had to do. There will be more that must be done later and someone will ring me up about another appointment.

14th May 2022

The Dental Health Centre provides excellent care. My only criticism is availability: they often run late, and it can be difficult to get an appointment. I had to wait 2 months!

13th May 2022

Caring staff


Stewart R

Been a patient since 2001 and looked after by Dominic Pett since 2005. I moved further away but stayed with this practice as I trust them implicitly. Only ever had a fantastic service including emergency root canal some years ago and they supported me to access orthodontist treatment elsewhere this last few years. I can’t rate them highly enough. And the care I have received has meant my teeth are in the best shape for years. Thanks to all the staff at the practice.

12th May 2022

I am an extremely nervous patient and they are very attentive to my needs

11th May 2022

High standard of care with professional and friendly service

9th May 2022

The check up seemed thorough and the dentist was gentle with his treatment.

8th May 2022

Dominic is a skilled Dentist who takes time to listen to patients and explains what he is doing. All the staff are friendly, helpful and polite.

7th May 2022

Good patient care and a high level of expertise

6th May 2022

Lovely young girl took care of me yesterday. She's new and was extremely thorough and helpful. She talked me through each step of the procedure and her standard of professionalism was excellent. Thank you so much

6th May 2022

Very professional service with friendly competent staff who gave clear explanation about what they were doing plus any future treatment that may become necessary

6th May 2022

The treatment and professionalism of all the staff was and always has been first class. I was kept informed throughout the treatment and given the opportunity to discuss any issues. Being able to discuss future appointments that fit into my time frame is always a bonus. I am a very satisfied customer.

5th May 2022

Really lovely team, very professional dentists who take time to listen and explain. Made me feel comfortable.

5th May 2022

Hygienist very thorough! And Sunil is one of the best dentists I’ve ever had , he explains every step so it’s easy to understand! & gives options and is also very gentle.

4th May 2022

Excellent explanation of all issues surrounding my teeth. I have every confidence that treatments are suggested/advised with my best interests in mind.

1st May 2022

All the staff are kind and helpful. I feel confident that I am getting the best dental care whenever I visit.

30th April 2022

Always efficient, friendly and professional

29th April 2022

I find the Practice to be very professional and helpful.

29th April 2022

A very long term customer. A very friendly, reliable, professional practice I highly recommend.

29th April 2022

Ease of scheduling appointment, professional and knowledgeable treatment team. Highly satisfied with treatment and plan for follow up

28th April 2022

All staff were very friendly and professional. Appointment was on time. Facilities very clean. Digital tablet to update details was very effective.

28th April 2022

Tom the dentist is very calming to me as a nervous patient, takes time to reassure and then asks for permission before proceeding with any treatment or care. Always gives me the opportunity to take a rest from treatment if needed. He is an excellent clinician. The dental nurses are always professional and approachable as are the receptionists It’s a team that comes across as caring and kind and interested in me beyond my gums and teeth. Well lead service. Thank you.

28th April 2022

Very pleasant staff

28th April 2022

The dentist always listens to my questions and concerns and looks for a way to address them. He keeps notes and asks questions about me, it feels like a personalised service

27th April 2022

Excellent dental hygienist, who was extremely thorough and informative about treatment

27th April 2022

On time and wha I expected to happen.

23rd April 2022

Both the hygienist and dentist explained everything very clearly. Everyone is helpful, friendly and I always feel well looked after.

22nd April 2022

Everything was easy and the staff were all very professional.

22nd April 2022

Thorough explanations given. Staff had calm , efficient , reassuring approach. Reception staff very professional but also friendly

20th April 2022

Was a very nice experience! I have a medical condition and was dealt with sensitively

17th April 2022

I was listened to, allowances were made for my vertigo and the treatment was excellent

17th April 2022

I have nothing further to add to the responses given. All went well.

13th April 2022

Good explanations of what was going to happen

12th April 2022

I have going to this practice for the last 30+ years

12th April 2022

The treatment I received was excellent. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Tom and his assistant did an excellent job.

10th April 2022

Appointment went well and met my expectations

9th April 2022

I'd put into practise previous advice given to me from the Practise and this showed in my oral health at my appt. Healthy patient equals happy patient. Thank you. X

7th April 2022

I felt that the dentist and nurse both took a huge amount of time and care with me. I am not a very good dental patient, so appreciate this enormously

6th April 2022

Feel confident in dentist making right decisions. Staff always friendly.

6th April 2022

Very professional care and advice. Clean modern well equipped surgeries

6th April 2022

Friendliness of all staff . Information given before,during and after treatment. The care offered and delivered by dentist and nurse during treatment

6th April 2022

I have been this dentist's patient for many years, and am always happy with the level of care I receive from him and other practice staff.

5th April 2022

The staff are all very friendly. My dentist and the hygienist are jolly and bubbly whilst managing to remain professional and courteous

2nd April 2022

Staff professional, communication between dentist was good and this information was shared with me.

1st April 2022

The dentist was calm, very professional and immediately put me at ease.I’ve had bad experiences elsewhere so was apprehensive but he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I felt no discomfort throughout despite the procedure being lengthy and complex. Even after the procedure I felt no discomfort and forgot I had even been. I can’t fault the staff, the treatment the whole experience, thank you.

30th March 2022

From start to finish the experience is personalised, caring and efficient. I feel safe and confident in the services provided which makes me keep coming back.

27th March 2022

Dentist was interested in my dental health and offered suggestions for future treatments. Dental nurse extremely personable and helpful. Receptionists very friendly, helpful and polite

26th March 2022

All the staff are exceptional and polite when dealing with any query. I find they are not officious but are lighthearted. They try really hard to please. My dentist has a good memory and asks little questions about things he has remembered, like I have two dogs. This makes the appointment much more friendly. I trust my dentist too.

26th March 2022

The staff have a great understanding of my disability and know how to check my teeth while keeping me safe.

25th March 2022

Excellent staff was really nervous at first but then after talking to staff dentist i felt ok

24th March 2022

Professional pain free treatment. Thankyou

24th March 2022

I had a new dentist and his ability to explain what he was doing and make me understand what he was seeing and his recommendation was the best I’ve ever had from a dentist.

23rd March 2022

The dentist who treated me explained the procedure and was attentive to my needs.

22nd March 2022

First check up after 2 years in lockdown with struggles meaning I didn’t look after my teeth as well as I could - and seeing a new dentist - I was worried about being judged for my terrible teeth but felt I wasn’t

21st March 2022

All staff are professional efficient and kind. I am however disappointed that there is no facility for interest free payment plans for expensive treatments. I have seriously thought about leaving. the practice for this reason

20th March 2022

Confident in expertise and advice provided by dentist. Friendly rapport built up over several years. Interest in overall health and wellbeing of myself and family.

20th March 2022

Always get a great service.

18th March 2022

I felt listened to and my needs were considered.

18th March 2022

Very considerate gentle staff

16th March 2022

All the staff were efficient and courteous. Can't fault them

16th March 2022

Staff always polite and efficient. I was seen on time & the dentist listened to my account, explained the process and his findings clearly. I was comfortable during the treatment

16th March 2022

I feel confident that advice I am given is reliable. No one likes going to the dentist but I feel relaxed because of the care shown to me and the way in which things are explained.

16th March 2022

Fast, efficient and friendly service.

15th March 2022

The hygienist was nice, she knows I am nervous about treatments and always explains clearly and patiently. I feel she listens to me and is aware of my treatment and progress.

12th March 2022

Everyone is very friendly and helpful and professional

12th March 2022

Professional and friendly

11th March 2022

Everything was professional and the people i saw were helpful and courteous

8th March 2022

Dominic always explains every procedure thoroughly and carries out the work to a high standard and is very calm and reassuring

5th March 2022

I feel my teeth are being really looked after. I value healthy teeth. The people are very nice too.

5th March 2022

I was treated with respect and care. I was not judged in any way and felt safe.

5th March 2022

Alisha Anderson is an absolute asset to your team. She is amazing and has transformed my teeth and my condfidence. I am so so grateful to her!

4th March 2022

I have been a patient of Alisha’s for a number of years, when I first started to see her I was terrified of my dental appointments and was a nervous wreck. Thanks to Alisha’s commitment to her patients and the care and compassion she has shown me I am now happy to come for my appointments and my oral health is much better. Alisha always takes the time to talk me through everything and remembers what makes me feel comfortable and ensures these are in place. She is a real asset to the practice. I also have always had good experiences with the reception staff, dental nurses and dentists who also make visiting a pleasant and stress free experience. I would highly recommend the practice to friends and family. Thank you.

4th March 2022

Excellent care from the dental team. Very professional. The team are very proficient in providing a calming approach to dental treatment.

4th March 2022

The teem seems very knowledgeable and answer questions with such an easy mannerism.

3rd March 2022

This was a planned appointment with the dental hygienist who I've met before. She and the reception staff were all prompt, kind, efficient and very helpful in response to my questions, and I couldn't think how the visit could have been improved.

2nd March 2022

I was nervous as it was my first hygiene appt. The hygienist listened to what I wanted then proceeded slowly with the treatment ending with showing me how to brush areas in my mouth. Reception were extremely helpful setting me up on a plan and booking me in for my next appt. I felt happy as I left.

2nd March 2022

I was happy with all aspects of the treatment: the dentist's manner, the dental nurse's manner, their professionalism & the materials & instruments used.

27th February 2022

Dr Panchmatia is the best dentist that I have ever encountered in my 70+ years .I trust him imp[liciitly and probably would not have teeth but for his interventions over the past 20 years. The practice is friendly and accessible and has the great advantage of a very close, free car park. Staff adhere to the current rules and regulations and are generally gracious and agreeable.

26th February 2022

Excellent care and service . Always feel comfortable when there .

26th February 2022

I went for a check up having found a small lump under my tongue. The dentist examined me and diagnosed me with a ranular (cyst). The dentist was very thorough and reassuring, putting my mind completely at ease. He is my regular dentist and a trusted health advisor.

25th February 2022

Very efficient and I trust the staff involved to provide the correct treatment. Always with a smile too.

25th February 2022

I am a very nervous patient and they could not have been more helpful or understanding during my appointment

23rd February 2022

All of the staff are very professional, friendly, polite, informative and extremely helpful. If an appointment is needed at short notice due to an emergency they do their utmost to arrange one as soon as possible.

21st February 2022

good service and friendly helpful staff


Peter Edgington

Have been attending the Dental practice for the last 31 years and cannot fault it. I have been this morning to the Hygienist (Lauren) excellent advice and very reassuring experience. Thank you.


Ushma Khadia

I have been attending the dental practice for a couple of years and had the privilege of being treated by Emilie and Melissa. Their expert knowledge and kind, reassuring approach means they make the experience a fabulous one. Thank you both for making me feel so comfortable whilst sat in the chair, it's so nice to have friendly faces when undergoing treatment. The brilliant giggles are an absolute bonus too.


karen gartland

I have been attending the Didsbury Dental Health centre for many years now and would not hesitate to recommend it. I came to the practice as a very nervous patient and was met with care and patience from the receptionists to the hygienist and to the dentist. Up until recently I had been seeing Sunil who was always kind, put me at ease and I had become so much more relaxed during my visits. However due to COVID I had to see a new dentist to me, Emilie. I am always nervous seeing a new dentist but she immediately put me at ease, she explained the treatments clearly and was so calm and caring. I ended up having a number of impressions for a crown (my worst fear) and she helped me through each time. She is really bubbly and chatty throughout which helps to take my mind off the treatment. It is a real shame she is leaving the practice but I feel that with the progress I have made with both Sunil and Emilie I will be comfortable seeing someone new. I must also mention Melissa, the dental nurse. She has been my nurse throughout my time at the dental health centre and she is so lovely and friendly and understands what I find difficult. It is so helpful to know that the people treating you understand your fears and help you to conquer them! As I said I would not hesitate to recommend the practice and I know I will be coming here for many years to come! Thank you.


Sue Artingstall

I have just come home from the dentist. I am a very nervous patient, but what a lovely (never thought I would use these words about a dentist) experience i had, first filling by Emilie, and I can't believe I am saying this but I actually found it relaxing. Emilie you are a star. Also the rest of the staff are lovely, very friendly, would definitely recommend this dentist.


denise oppong

I am an extremely anxious patient who specifically went to this dental surgery approximately 6 years ago because it dealt with nervous patients. i am now a "regular" there and will never go anywhere else. When walking in you are immediately put at ease by the friendly and efficient reception staff, specifically Sue and Nic. The dental nurse is very considerate and caring . Stella the hygienist is great too. The Dentist Emilie - a true gem! Highly professional, an expert in many different fields of dentistry and always goes the extra mile to put me at ease. She talks through everything with you and this immediately helps as you know what is going to happen. I have recently had a partial denture fitted and was dreading it. I had no need to worry thanks to Emilie's wonderful skills. If you have any concerns about visiting a dentist I recommend you phone the Didsbury Dental Health Centre and pay them a visit.


Doreen Dargan

First visit to the practice as we emerge from lockdown. Was a little anxious, I was seeing Tom a new dentist for me from my usual Mr P. What a wasted worry, he was lovely and put me at ease completely. Hygiene always good at any visit was excellent. The girls on reception so friendly, a really easy visit. Thank you


Emma Young

Can’t speak highly enough of the care at Didsbury Dental Health. I first arrived there as a deeply terrified patient. Bad dentistry in childhood meant that the prospect of a dentist appointment generated acute fear. As a result, I’d avoided regular checkups and treatment for many years. Of course, this meant when I did finally have to go it was usually an emergency which, in turn, led to ever increased anxiety. Happily though, one of those emergencies led me to Didsbury Dental Health’s door and, over time, the patience, kindness, good humour and excellent clinical practice on offer from Nicky, Emilie, Stella and the wonderful wider team of nurses and reception staff has completely turned things around. I never miss an appointment, and am more than willing to put myself in their very capable hands. I wouldn’t have believed, 7 or 8 years ago, that that would ever be possible. Going there has been transformative because I’m a healthier, happier patient and I’d urge anyone who fears dentistry (and those who don’t!) to beat a path to their door.


Georgina Binnie

I know Emilie who works at the surgery through friends, which made the thought of visiting her initially more daunting at first! I shouldn't have been worried, as when I visited Emilie, she immediately put me at ease, explaining complex issues in a clear, sympathetic and very calming manner. Her and the nurse Melissa clearly have a great team and were friendly and reassuring. Emilie gave me proactive solutions to dealing with issues with my gums and fitted composite fillings that I'd been putting off for some time. I was previously visiting my childhood dentist in Birmingham due to finding other Manchester dentists overly-critical of gum issues and giving me misinformation and I am so pleased to have now found a Northern dentist! Emilie and the practice were also hugely accommodating of my work, fitting in appointments around lunch breaks and first-thing in the morning. Would highly recommend.



Been going for years. And despite moving away from the area I still use. Excellent practice, no waiting at all and highly professional. Nikki has been my dentist for years and has been excellent. Recently I have moved to Emilie who I have been very impressed with, whom despite her young appearance seems exceptionally knowledgeable! Stella is my hygienist and again great service and advice. I also agree with comments regarding reception, very helpful, polite and use of email reminders means I never forget an appointment.


Claire B

My daughter who is 5 had her back molar out there under inhalation sedation both Tom and Nikki were brilliant with her she didn’t feel a thing I would definitely recommend this dentist very professional experienced and have a good rapport with children I’m glad I found them thanks so much !


Laura swindell

After several years of dentists telling me various reasons why I couldn’t prevent continued erosion of my enamel and dentin, a chance encounter with the hygienist Stella at the Dental Health Centre led me to book a consultation with Emilie who specialises in Prosthodontics. Emilie is a young and extremely talented dentist, far wiser, caring and more thorough than any other dentist I’ve encountered. She has changed and helped me protect an aspect of my physical appearance I worried I would lose forever. I will continue to travel to see Emilie for my dental requirements from here on in. This close knit team of dentists, their nurses, the hygienist and the ladies on reception really make you feel welcome and calm. Thank you so much for putting up with my endless chat when I come in ladies :-)



Really great dental practice where I’ve been a client for 20 years first with Nicola but now Emilie my new dentist, she was extremely informative and made my treatment experience stress free. Lovely and friendly receptionists as well which is a bonus!


Joanne Mallaber

After an upsetting accident I was so relieved that Emilie and the team were available to sort out my broken front teeth after a fall the previous evening. From the moment I arrived the following morning at the Dentist I was put at ease and much needed sympathy was handed out. I was also impressed that Nic had already called ahead to the Practice Plan policy holders to find out if my emergency treatment came under my plan. I started coming to the Dental Centre several years ago as a anxious patient but I knew that morning feeling shaken up and a bit nervous about whether there was going to be long term damage that I would be in good hands. Emilie Abraham who I had seen before treated me sensitively, patiently and in a caring manner. She talked me through her findings and the proposed treatment. She also happily answered my husband's questions who had joined me in the treatment room for some hand holding. It was a huge relief to hear from Emilie that she had specialised in Restorative Dentisty during her training. Emilie did an amazing job on my teeth and has given me my lovely smile back. Thank you so much!!!


Carolina L.

Absolutely lovely and helpful attention of the receptionist and very kind and professional the attention of the dentist. He was kind and patient with me and my daughter even if she didn't still speak or understand English. Not difficult to book and appointment or reschedule.


Mark Harris

The treatment which I have received for many years from Mrs Owen has been consistently outstanding. Miss Abraham is maintaining the tradition of excellence. Stella, the hygienist, as well as the dental nurses and the receptionists are likewise splendid.


Marilyn Lucop

My family and I have been patients at this clinic for several years and we have always found the staff cheerful and helpful. This year I was introduced to Emilie Abraham who is a Specialist in Prosthodontics as my aging teeth were beginning to chip and wear and discolour. Emilie and her lovely assistant nurse Melissa kept me beautifully entertained whilst I endured two and a half hours with my mouth stretched wide. Looking very similar to Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit fame) !! It was certainly worth the time. I am amazed with the result and can't stop smiling. Thank you girls. See you soon.


Kim Hardiker

Great practice, professional and caring staff. I always feel like they take the time to talk through any work needed rather than be rushed through. Wouldn’t dream about going anywhere else.


Ruby Nuttall

Like most people I am not a big fan of going to the dentist but, I must say the professionalism of all the staff and the high level of care and time taken to ensure I understand treatment given by Dr Owen at the Dental Health Centre almost makes it a pleasure to attend appointments.


Lynda Dale

Excellent, very impressed, would definitely recommend.


Marjorie Chandler




For years i have had a dental phobia,i had a very traumatic experience whilst i was at the dentist when i was a young child. Unfortunately i lost quite a few teeth as i was too scared to go and see a dentist i thought they were all the same mean and no empathy. So i had to go to hospital and be put to sleep and have a lot of teeth removed. Over the years i tried to go and see several dentists who claimed they were patient and could help me with my fear,but as my fear was so bad i would get as far as sitting in the dentist room and would fall to pieces and have panic attacks and cry. Resulting in them saying my fear was too bad and i needed sedation. Until... One day i decided to Google dental phobias and up popped the Dental Health Centre Didsbury. I read on that a dentist there called Dr Nicola Owen specialized in dental phobias and offered a free 10 minute consultation just to talk about my fears,so i made an appointment to meet her. When i got there as soon as i went into the reception area i could feel a panic attack coming on but the receptionists were lovely and reassured me it was just a chat i was having and not to worry,at this stage i was in tears as my dental phobia was that bad even being there scared me. I met Dr Nicola Owen and from the onset she was lovely,she was very understanding and told me she wanted to help me if i would let her and that i was in control. No one had ever said that before so we agreed i could book a few appointments not to do any treatment but to just get used to going into the practice and build my trust up with her,it took about a month but gradually she gained my trust and i ended up going on to have treatment (without sedation). Now i have had all my treatment done and i feel so much more confident and i will be going back every 6 months for my check ups. The Dental Health Centre are much more than a dental practice,they go out of their way for patients like myself. So if anyone is reading this and has a phobia make that call as I'm so glad i did,its changed my life for the better and i can now smile for the first time in years and be confident. I just want to say a massive thank you to Dr Nicola Owen and my dental nurse Sophie who was my rock and held my hand and reassured me everything was going to be okay. Also to all the staff there your fantastic. many thanks Gemma =)

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