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Dr Nicola Owen is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

We recognise that there are many reasons why people can be anxious about visiting the dentist and Nicola and her team are keen to understand what your reasons are and to help you to overcome them. We have successfully treated many patients whose fear of the dentist has been so bad that they have avoided a dental visit for many years. When this is the case it is common to feel embarrassed about this which may worsen your anxiety. We understand this and want to reassure you that we are keen to ensure that you don’t delay visiting us any longer.

A Gag Reflex problem can be another reason that people may avoid visiting the dentist. We provide treatment with Inhalation Sedation (Happy Air) and find that this enables us to treat you very successfully. (See below for further details)

Nicola Owen has now established The Dental Phobia Centre which has become part of The Dental Health Centre. There is a separate website for this service for your information. Nicola is a qualified psychotherapist as well as a dentist and successfully helps many people overcome their dental fear.

If you are nervous of dental treatment, whatever the reason and would like to come in for a free familiarisation visit, to chat to us and meet the dentists and staff, you may find that this visit really helps you to take a first big step in overcoming your fear.

To arrange this visit please phone us on 0161 445 5459 or alternatively email the practice on contact@disburydentalhealth.com

Inhalation Sedation (happy air)

What is Inhalation Sedation?

Nicola is now offering nervous patients Inhalation Sedation. This is a technique that uses a mixture of sedative gas (called Nitrous Oxide or more commonly known as ‘Laughing Gas’ and Oxygen to assist both children and adult patients to cope with fear and anxiety and cooperate with dental treatment.

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Inhalation Sedation (Happy Air) is useful for patients who are nervous or patients who have a gag reflex problem. It helps reduce both anxiety and pain and will help relax patients during treatment.


Inhalation sedation (happy air) is a way of making dental treatment more pleasant. It is useful for children who are anxious or find it hard to cope with dental treatment. It is a much safer, easier way to treat children, than other forms of sedation.

Do you have a Gag Reflex Problem?

Due to the slight analgesic properties of the nitrous oxide, there is a lessening of the sensation on the palate. This means that during treatment you will be much less likely to gag even if you normally find it difficult to tolerate any dental treatment. Using ‘Happy Air’ we have successfully treated many patients, some with a very pronounced gag reflex problem. Please book in and see for yourself.

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