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Teeth Whitening

This is becoming very popular as most of us want a whiter, brighter smile. We offer several options for teeth whitening, depending your busy schedule and lifestyle.

ZOOM! Combined Power Whitening

This is the best method of whitening, as up to 70% of the whitening is carried out in the surgery at one sitting, where gel is applied to the teeth. A home kit then provides follow on whitening to enhance the level of whiteness. We recommend this method of whitening for busy people who want a more immediate result and a lasting whiter smile.

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Home Teeth Whitening

This method of teeth whitening is done more gradually and involves wearing trays loaded with the whitening gel for a period of time at home. This gives you more control of the result, and enables you to top up your whitening once in a while using your trays.

Some people may find this method more time consuming and fiddly, having to place the gel into the trays accurately. The Teeth Whitening experts tell us that the more gradual the whitening effect is on your teeth, the longer lasting the result will be.

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Cosmetic Brightening of Teeth with Air Flow Polish

This has become a very popular way to instantly brighten your smile. No bleaching chemicals are used, but instead a high speed jet of fine particles in water are sprayed onto your teeth surfaces to remove any surface staining. The teeth are left looking and feeling brighter and cleaner. This is a treatment that is often added onto a scale and polish appointment.

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